Accessories Brushes by Vie-Long S.L.

Brushes and cosmetics from Vie-Long S.L. go hand in hand

The beautiful, high-quality shaving and make-up brushes from Vie-Long S.L. have become an integral part of women’s and men’s daily grooming rituals. This is why the Spanish family-run company also offers practical and elegant accessories. There are pouches for make-up brushes as well as round cases for your shaving brush. Perfectly designed to store shaving brushes, the cases even feature air holes to prevent your shaving brush from accumulating moisture while on the go. Naturally, the wet shave specialists have designed storage options for your brushes as well as secure pouches for your wet shaver. Vie-Long S.L. accessories offer the same high quality and strong design as the brushes themselves. Made from full-grain Amalfi cowhide leather, the accessories delight with their worth, premium quality feel and long durability. The beautiful and practical accessories also make great gifts for all men who don’t just wet shave but value something special. Use these precious accessories yourself or give them to a loved one as a gift.