Badger hair shaving brush Brushes by Vie-Long S.L.

Pure badger shaving brushes are perfect for daily male grooming

Brushes from Spanish company Vie-Long S.L. are miniature masterpieces. The family-run company has been manufacturing high-quality cosmetic and shaving brushes since 1940, quality that can be felt as well as seen. The precious badger hair is thoroughly cleaned, then hand-sorted and bound to create the perfect shaving brush. As a handle, the Vie-Long S.L. Pure Badger Shaving Brush uses easy-grip olive wood or high-quality methacrylate plastic to create various looks. The excellent design and use of genuine hair mean the brushes are reliable and indispensable. After all, badger hair holds onto the exact amount of foam needed after you’ve created the perfect lather. How, you ask? Because the structure of the hair allows the air needed for the foam to easily penetrate the soap. Another advantage of a pure badger shaving brush is how easy it is to clean: unlike brushes made from artificial hair, pure hair can be easily cleaned with a little mild soap. With the high-quality, exclusive brushes from Vie-Long S.L., your daily wet shave will become a little bit of luxury.