Badger/horsehair shaving brush Brushes by Vie-Long S.L.

Brushes are more than just cosmetic accessories

Three factors are key to a successful wet shave: decent blades, a good soap and of course a brush to lather up the foam. The badger/horsehair shaving brushes with stylish olive wood handle from Vie-Long S.L. are simply perfect for your daily shave. The wealth of experience of Vie-Long S.L., who have been manufacturing high-quality shaving and make-up brushes ever since 1940, is also put to use in these shaving brushes. Still today, the cosmetic and shaving brushes are made by hand by masters of their trade. Incidentally, the hairs used to make the badger/horsehair shaving brushes are combed out during daily animal grooming and thoroughly cleaned before being bundled into high-quality brushes. The major advantage of natural hair lies in its structure. It takes up the exact amount of foam needed, keeps a firm hold on it and after shaving, pure badger/horsehair shaving brushes are also easy to clean. If you value high-quality implements for your wet shave, then Vie-Long S.L. brushes are simply a must-have.