Make-up brush Brushes by Vie-Long S.L.

Vie-Long S.L. make-up brushes make the difference

Brushes and cosmetics simply go hand in hand. Which is why the company offers a range of different make-up brushes for applying powder or blusher, eye shadow, for eyeliner, for shading and concealing as well as for emphasising certain lines. You yourself are the best judge of which make-up brushes you need to create your perfect make-up, but there’s no guessing that you want the best brushes out there. Family-run company Vie-Long S.L. has been making high-quality cosmetic brushes for more than 70 years, and knows exactly what matters to you.High-quality, pure hair, hand-tied to create exquisite brushes fitted with fine wood, metal or plastic handles, which excite through their durability and practical design. With Vie-Long S.L. you can buy these various brushes as single items or as part of a practical set, and in pretty cases too, of course. Tailored to the different textures of the cosmetics, the company offers make-up brushes that can also be safely stowed in their holders. Meaning the precious hairs of the cosmetic brushes are protected against breakage – and contamination, too, of course.