Silver tipped badger hair shaving brush Brushes by Vie-Long S.L.

Vie-Long S.L. luxury for your shave

The silver tip badger shaving brushes are probably the finest brushes you can buy for your shave. Handmade and backed by a tradition stretching back more than 70 years, Vie-Long S.L. make-up and shaving brushes stand for selected, high-quality materials and exclusive quality. The special thing about a “silver tip badger” shaving brush is that only the finest grade hairs with a fine, nigh on invisible tip are selected for such a brush. Unlike normal hair, silver tip hair is even rarer and more precious. But not only does it look beautiful, silver tip hair also offers very practical benefits: a silver tip badger shaving brush will create an even more porous shaving foam so that you can instantly feel the difference. In keeping with the exclusive hair, the handles for the brushes are made from olive wood or methacrylate for a faux horn or ivory look. For the well-kept gentleman, precious Vie-Long S.L. shaving brushes are simply part and parcel of daily grooming and skin care. Enjoy the pure luxury first thing in the morning.