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Carafe Calla by VitaJuwel

1 Litre / 1 Stk.

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Description by Carafes Carafe Calla by VitaJuwel

For centuries many cultures have trusted the power of minerals. Here at home assortments of special stones should also be used to enliven body and soul. The brand VitaJuwel offers many combinations of minerals and practical accessories for this purpose, with which better develops the aroma of wine and other drinks, for instance. For this VitaJuwel offers carafes such as the Carafe Calla as beautiful variations. The sweeping carafe is not only suitable for use with VitaJuwel gemstone assortments, but is also a practical and optical enrichment for anyone who wants to enjoy their selected drink more intensively.

Make better use of the power of gemstones with special carafes

Many accessories by VitaJuwel combine the stimulation or relaxation of body and soul with the aromatic influences of drinks and other substances. Simply fill the Carafe Calla and other carafes by this manufacturer with your favourite drink. There are specially selected assortments available for this purpose. Wine and other cerebral drinks need a few minutes to develop their full aroma, to which the gemstones and VitaJuwel accessories contribute. Alongside this function the Carafe Calla presents a simply beautiful vessel for the dining table.

Healing stones for increased wellness

Even those who do not believe in the healing effects of gemstones may still be interested in the carafes and other accessories by VitaJuwels. The difference in taste after a better development of the aroma will be noticed by many wine lovers, even if no strong gemstone belief is present. Moreover, the Carafe Calla and other carafes offer practical and aesthetic benefits to give wine or water refreshing enjoyment. Enrich your household with these special accessories and experience more of the effects of gemstones on wellness and your bodily well-being.

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