Service Professionals Care by Wella

For an extraordinary style or a specific hairstyle such as a perm, many steps are undertaken to prepare the hair. In addition to classic care products and high-end hair cosmetic products, the international brand, Wella, also has Professionals Care specialist products in its product range which meet these special requirements. From the pre-treatment of the hair for an upcoming perm to finishing dyed hair with an additional protective coating, numerous products are available for the task ready to meet the highest demands of contemporary hair cosmetics.

Design all around aesthetic hairstyles with Wella

The Professionals Care Edition does not get its name for nothing and offers private users the opportunity to enjoy the high-end service of a real hairdressing salon within their own four walls. Of course, the products for pre and after treatment of a perm or for the gentle removal of hair dye are also used in the professional environment. If you run a salon yourself and your clientèle only want high-end hair cosmetics and care products, Wella products are the ideal choice. Our online selection includes all of the product lines of the quality brand, in addition to the Professionals Care line, at a fair price.