Styling SP Men by Wella

As the absolute expert in the field of hair care, the Wella team knows just how fashionable, perfectly styled men’s hair can look at any time of the year. So that your hairstyle can achieve this, Wella offers a large selection of different hair cosmetics, with the SP Men range, which do more than just achieve excellent styling results but also condition hair at the same time. The SP Men product line comes in an elegant black design, suitable for various lengths of hair and can be used for modelling and finishing, alike, depending on the product.

High-end care for sophisticated men

The assortment of products in the SP Men range ranges from Textured Style and Precise Shine Wax right up to various hairsprays such as Define Structure and Maximum Hold. While the paste or wax is used to perfectly model hair, hairsprays provide a priceless finish, hold the hairstyle together and offer pleasant hold without sticking or working too hard. The quality products may be easily washed out and also hold up under unfavourable weather conditions allowing men to leave a perfectly styled impression.