Lalao Unisex fragrances by ZeroMoleCole

If the name of the Lalao perfume reminds you of the first attempts at talking by a little child, you’re on the right lines. With this unisex perfume creation from her Turin production centre, Stefania Marzufero Boni wanted to capture the extraordinary experiences in life. The aroma of milk combines with the sensual warmth of vanilla and sugar in an unmistakable fragrance. In the subconscious, these scents are connected to memories of the cosiness and protected times of the first years of life. Parents have to immediately think of the joy that their own children brought.

A naive touch full of love and a feeling of security

The unisex fragrances from Zeromolecole are very far of mainstream and are the quintessence of a passion for exquisite essences. For many years, Stefania worked with the exclusive perfumes that were for sale in the family shop in Turin. The idea developed for unisex perfumes that would allow one to get to know your own personality better and that would illustrate individual experiences with aromas. Every perfume from the little factory allows a glimpse into the intimate emotions for the perfumer. This open and authentic character of the aromatic potpourri is fascinating right from the start. For this reason, Lalao is not simply a fragrance but also works on the senses like a loving and caring greeting within the arms of the family.