parfumdreams presents: We're celebrating the month of Capricorn

As a star sign, Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac, its element is earth and its ruling planet is Saturn. This makes Capricorn a particularly grounded and ambitious character. Capricorn men and women are often very persistent, disciplined and ambitious. In other words – when a Capricorn puts their mind to something, they will make it happen. This is because, among other things, they like to plan everything meticulously in advance. We would like to celebrate this sign during the period of 22/12/2021–20/01/2022 and are offering the perfect selection for this organisational talent.



Capricorn character traits

> Cannot tolerate chaos because Saturn stands for order and structure

> Doesn't enjoy being in the spotlight and prefers to keep things low-key and calm

> Success is very important for a Capricorn, be it socially, in matters of the heart or in their career

> Likes to build their life on a solid foundation

> Looks for a partner that shares their own aspirations and ambition

It's a match!


Capricorn – woman

The Capricorn woman in particular radiates ambition like no other. Equally high are the standards she holds herself to, as well as her partner. She knows exactly what she wants at any given moment and she also pursues these goals tenaciously. Only those who share her values will make it into her inner circle. But even if these strong women can handle things perfectly well on their own, they also look for security and stability in all aspects of their lives.

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Capricorn – man

The Capricorn man has a firm handle on his life and will start planning his future at an early age. That's why he is looking for a secure, consistent relationship. Capricorn men are themselves very honest and also notice very quickly when others try to lie to them. They react very vindictively to this and once you have lost their trust, you will find it very hard to win back. If you show a Capricorn man the same respect and ambition as he shows himself, you will have won a friend or even partner for life.

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