Mademoiselle Jacadi Women's fragrances by jacadi

A highlight of women’s scents: Mademoiselle Jacadi

The French manufacturer Jacadi appeals with trendy fashion and accessories for children and young people – the range also includes enchanting scents. Not only the perfumes but also the fashion from Jacadi are marked by French chic and a special radiance. If you value an unusual scent, then Mademoiselle Jacadi is perfect for you. The delicate composition of fruits, blossoms and other ingredients is perfectly suited to the young and young-at heart, who are full of activity and self-assurance. The Eau de Toilette spray is packaged in a simple flaçon of opaque glass. On the front, a stylised “m” decorates the pretty bottle. A pink bow emphasises the youthful flair.

A perfume with radiance

Spray a touch of the new scent from Jacadi onto your wrist and sense the magic which is evoked by the soft top notes of nectarine and orange. The scent’s effect gradually turns to honeysuckle and rose, which form the perfume’s flowery heart. In the base note, musk and vanilla bring the main, long-lasting points. Women’s scents like Mademoiselle Jacadi are always a good choice: In the colder seasons, they seem warming and intensive thanks to the musk-vanilla note, while in summer the fresh, fruity-floral components win women over. Besides Mademoiselle Jacadi, the company also has various other scents in its range, among others the two impressive variants Fille and Garçon, which are particularly well suited to a youthful audience. Let yourself be surprised by the palette offered by the manufacturer in the area of women’s scents and perfumes!