Toute Petite Jacadi Women's fragrances by jacadi

Toute Petite Jacadi is a perfume for young ladies: With a top note of strawberries and freesia, a heart note of lychee, peach and lily of the valley, and a base of musk and sandalwood, this scent from the Jacadi brand is extremely fruity and light. Specially developed for little ones, these ladies’ scents are alcohol-free and can even be used on children’s sensitive skin. Little girls see their big sisters or mothers as role models and want to smell just as beautiful as the grown ups.

Pleasant scent for young ladies

Toute Petite Jacadi is offered as a Eau de Senteur in an appealing pink flaçon, which looks sleek but elegant. Little princesses will also love the gift set from the French manufacturer, which contains not only the perfume but also the enchanting cuddly bunny Doudou. The set is perfectly suited as a surprise or a gift. Women’s scents from Jacadi stand out thanks to a floral note, which is ideal for little girls of preschool age. The perfume unfurls a light touch of caramel, helping young ladies smell charmingly gentle and lively. Women’s scents for children should not smell too intense, and Jacadi hits the bull’s-eye with its creation – Toute Petite Jacadi smells of a beautiful spring morning with the sun just peeking out from the clouds!