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Order fragrances at the touch of a button with free shipping

At parfumdreams, you can conveniently order online from home or via our app when you are on the go. We offer a wide variety of flexible, secure payment options (for example, purchases on account, by credit card or by Paypal) and ship free of charge when you spend EUR 20.00 or more.

At least 1 surprise product sample

We also gift you 1–3 fragrance samples per purchase so that you can try out the new fragrances.

180 days return policy

If change your mind, you can return the order within 180 days and we will provide a full refund. We wish you an all-round, worry-free shopping experience.


Find first-class premium brands on

Premium products are also a wonderful way to treat yourself to an occasional touch of luxury to combat the stresses and strains of daily life. The qualitative skincare and beauty highlights in our online shop stand out from the crowd due to their rich, valuable ingredients and their exquisite packaging design. The high quality of our luxury products from different top brands from the beauty, skincare and hair cosmetic fields captivates their wearers from the moment they first apply them. Whether it is Milan, Paris or London: parfumdreams combines the fragrances and cosmetics of this world and brings them right to your door. Treat yourself to something special with the luxurious skincare and cosmetic products from our popular premium range and pamper your body and soul.

Immerse yourself in the world of luxury cosmetics

Premium make-up brands are a hit with their huge selection of different colour shades and impress with their durability and extraordinarily high coverage. As a result, they are a must-have for every beauty lover. The nourishing, highly effective ingredients contained in every beauty highlight leave your skin looking radiantly fresh and youthful. And best of all: parfumdreams shows that wonderful brands do not necessarily have to be expensive. We offer you our premium cosmetics from international top brands at very reasonable prices.

Discover the fabulous creations of our premium fragrances

The selection of a fragrance should not be taken lightly as such exquisite scents are usually worn for many years. They also provide an extra portion of luxury on a daily basis – as Karl Lagerfeld once said: “There is no luxury without fragrance.” Top-quality eaux de parfum or eaux de toilette not only promise excellent skin compatibility but also guarantee superb wearability and durability so that the wonderful smell of your favourite fragrance lingers right throughout the day. You will find both the ultimate classics and bestsellers of the fragrance world as well as the latest products from the fields of men’s and women’s fragrances in our online shop. Browse through our range of top-quality, exquisite-smelling fragrance combinations and secure yourself a top fragrance which underscores your character in an unmistakeable, unique manner.