sen7 - Classic - sen7 Steel Polished sen7 - Classic - sen7 Steel Polished

sen7 Steel Polished by sen7

easyfill / 5,80 ml

easyfill / 5,80 ml

Mit Trchter / 1 Stk.

BP: €24.95* / 1 pcs. Mit Trchter / 1 Stk.

mit Trichter / 5,80 ml

mit Trichter / 5,80 ml

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Description by Classic sen7 Steel Polished by sen7

Sen7 Classic is a pocket-sized atomiser in a no-frills design. The pocket-sized atomiser is a very charming and useful unisex product. The compact design allows the atomiser to be accommodated everywhere: Whether in the trouser pocket or the handbag.

Optimal storage for your favourite perfume

Sen7 Classic is a receptacle that can be filled with your own favourite perfume in just a few seconds. The chromed steel allows a sporty and distinctive character to emerge, which fits inconspicuously in every environment and is a loyal companion in everyday life. Allow yourself to be persuaded by a sophisticated product that is easy to use!

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