parfumdreams presents: We are celebrating the month of Leo

Typical character traits of Leos are enthusiasm, determination, dynamism and extroversion. The Leo’s ruling planet is the Sun and its element is fire.



Character traits of the star sign, Leo:


> Leos consider themselves to be the king or queen of the jungle, and they enjoy being in a leadership position. Leos typically like to be up with the play on everything and to lead the way.

> Leos look after their pack. They always fight for their fellow human beings and will not tolerate injustice.

> With the element of fire behind them, Leos are brave and natural risk-takers. Leos seek the limelight and are the stars of every stage – unfortunately, this can also be perceived as arrogance.

> Honesty is paramount to this star sign. Leos always express their opinion openly, even if they run the risk of causing conflict.

> Glitz and glamour are very important to the star sign, Leo. Leos adore luxury and work hard to achieve it. Here are our product recommendations!


It's a match!


Leo – woman

The Leo woman yearns for a man who knows how to handle her temperament. She enjoys being the centre of attention, so Sagittarius and Libra provide the perfect balance.

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Leo – man

Powerful and always striving for the best possible results – this is how the Leo man rolls! He is a true gentlemen who showers his beloved with gifts. An Aries or a Sagittarius lady is most adept at taming his Leo heart.

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