Killer Queen Women's fragrances by Katy Perry

Her songs have won over millions of fans, her voice is a permanent feature of the music charts and her colourful appearances promise a feast for the eyes - Katy Perry has scaled to the top of the pop Mount Olympus and ascended to her throne. With Killer Queen, Katy Perry is bringing out not a new album but women’s fragrances and her own perfume.

Red as love

Not just Katy Perry’s music is about love. Her Killer Queen perfume also sings a symphony of love, which catapults the women’s fragrance into a new dimension. As exciting as that first quickening of the heartbeat and as life-affirming as a first kiss – the feeling of love and music in a deodorant, body lotion or perfume. You can carry it with you always. Also available in the form of a gift set.