Liquid lipstick

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Liquid lipsticks: Liquid lipsticks for perfectly made-up lips

Liquid lipsticks are super long-wearing and provide good coverage. But they won’t dry out sensitive lips. Numerous nourishing ingredients that care for and moisturise the skin make this possible. Liquid lipsticks in brilliant colours from classic subdued nude and brown shades through exciting reds to berry shades. They wow with metallic glossy colours or a matte finish so you can tailor them perfectly to your make-up.

What are the benefits of a liquid lipstick?

Liquid lipsticks have a comfortable, creamy texture and conjure up a seductive pout in the twinkling of an eye. Thanks to the integral applicator and their liquid consistency, they can be applied as lightly and with as much precision as a lip gloss. The products provide coverage similar to that of a lipstick. Pigment-rich, once they have dried, they provide deep, long-wearing colour without drying out the lips.

A liquid lipstick contains nourishing, moisturising ingredients that protect the lips from drying out. They hydrate and nourish with valuable ingredients like Vitamin E and avocado oil. They make the lips soft and smooth. At the same time, they make the product more comfortable to wear without impairing the long-wearing coverage. Depending on the composition, liquid lipsticks last for 6 to 12 hours. Kiss-proof liquid lipsticks that won’t smudge or flake even on a hot date are popular.

Liquid lipstick – matte or glossy?

The classics include glossy, striking textures that highlight your lips with shiny pigments or gold particles. They are most suitable for women with thin lips. Liquid lipsticks with a plumping effect that increase the circulation with peppermint oil give more volume. They have a light plumping effect that lasts for several hours.

If your lips are naturally full, matte liquid lipsticks are the ones for you. They look more subtle and natural. So they are mainly suitable for work or elegant, cool looks. Liquid lipsticks are available in nude, vibrant red and deep berry shades.

Tip: Can’t decide on a colour? At parfumdreams you will find practical lipstick sets with liquid lipsticks in miniature sizes. They contain up to 6 different shades that are suitable for every occasion. They allow you to follow your fancy and create new looks.

How to make up your lips with a liquid lipstick

To ensure your lips look flawless after applying a glossy or matte liquid lipstick, good preparation is decisive. The important thing is to moisturise the lip area well so it does not look dry or rough. A lip peel removes dead skin cells and traces of make-up. It makes the skin smooth. You can follow up with a lip balm to nourish and hydrate sensitive lips. You should allow the balm to soak in well for the liquid lipstick to stay on better.

Finally, outline the contour of your lips with a lip liner or thin lip brush to give them a perfect frame. The lip liner prevents the colour application that follows from bleeding or smudging when it is still liquid. It is best to use a clear lip pencil or a pencil that matches the colour of your lipstick.

Then apply the liquid lipstick precisely with the filigree applicator or a lip brush within the outline. When you do this, open your mouth slightly and let the liquid lipstick dry well. It takes a few seconds or up to five minutes, depending on the texture. Once dry, you should not apply more as the result will be flaky.