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Fragrance notes: finding the right perfume by fragrance notes

Fragrance notes refer to individual fragrance components of perfumes. In this way, feminine and masculine fragrances for instance can be categorised accordingly. However, unisex perfumes are also being classified in corresponding fragrance families more and more. Often, the ingredients of unisex perfumes simply differ in the composition of the individual fragrance notes and the quantities used, so that these perfumes can be worn by all genders.

Choosing perfumes based on fragrance notes

Classic perfumes for women are feminine fragrance compositions that are created specifically for women. These are often flowery, sweet and warm. This is in contrast to the masculine fragrance note, which is generally wooden, rough and leathery.

Unisex perfumes combine these fragrance families harmoniously and are balanced in their expression. The characteristic fragrance notes of women and men come together in oner perfume. This fragrance can be worn by any gender.

Finding the right perfume with fragrance descriptions

Detailed fragrance descriptions help you find the right perfume at parfumdreams. To help you in your search, we have compiled several fragrance descriptions for you here. In this way you are sure to find the right perfume for every occasion.

Fragrance notes for feminine perfumes

The following fragrance notes underline feminine perfumes

  • Floral fragrances are typical for feminine perfumes. Rose and jasmine give the perfume a flowery aroma. Floral and spicy notes on the other hand are intense notes that have been given a spicy component.
  • Oriental ingredients are warm, sweet and intense. Musk, cinnamon, carnation, vanilla and coumarin are characteristic features of this fragrance family. In specialist jargon,
  • citrus notes are known as chypre. Energetic, fruity and sometimes also spicy fragrances are components of this family. Moss, musk and bergamot are a staple in these perfumes.

Fragrance notes for men’s perfumes

Masculine fragrances can be categorised in these fragrance families:

  • Wooden fragrance notes in men’s perfumes are elegant, warm and harmonious. Sandalwood, tobacco and leather as well as slightly fruity notes are features of this fragrance family.
  • Classic spicy ingredients are characterised by leather notes, orange and patchouli. Vanilla, aniseed and cinnamon are also found in spicy men’s perfumes.
  • Aromatic fragrances are characterised by tangy herbs and citrusy elements. They have a particularly fresh effect thanks to the lavender, lime and labdanum. Rosemary and sage also fit into this fragrance family.

Finding the right fragrance note

There are a whole series of fragrance descriptions that describe the top and heart note of a given perfume.

  • Aquatic fragrances are reminiscent of fresh water. They are clear and pure.
  • Green is also a popular fragrance note and stands for naturalness and purity.
  • Powdery fragrance notes refer to sweet, feminine and delicate fragrances.
  • Citrusy fragrances contain fresh nuances of lemon, mandarin and bergamot.

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