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Summer fragrances for unforgettable, warm days

What does summer actually smell like? It depends entirely on your individual preferences. The range of summer fragrances is huge. From fresh, invigorating notes to floral nuances and fruity aromas – these fragrances have it all. They are perfect for your next summer holiday and those balmy summer evenings with loved ones.

Summer perfumes with diverse aromas

Summer is the season for making lifelong memories. Our sense of smell plays a huge part in this and recalls to mind images associated with specific smells. How wonderful that there are so many summer perfumes made specifically with this in mind!

Summer fragrances are composed primarily of aromas that can also be found in nature:

  • Floral: The bright sun provides nature with energy. This is why summer perfumes contain numerous floral notes such as tulip and rose.
  • Fruity: Beautiful-smelling perfumes for balmy summer evenings contain fruity aromas reminiscent of a well-stocked fruit bowl. Popular components include essences of peach, pear and apple.
  • Citrus: Light and zesty like a fresh summer beverage – citrus aromas such as lime, orange and grapefruit create an effortless vibe.
  • Aquatic: These notes call to mind the nautical flair of a walk on the beach and bring back memories of happy summers.

We love to experience these wonderful aromas during the warmer months. However, summer fragrances can also bring back those summer vibes at any time of the year.

How are summer fragrances best applied?

If you want to make the most of the long summer days, then it's likely that you'll be out until late in the evening. So, it's all the more important that your summer perfume keeps its intensity for as long as possible. Fragrances develop best when applied to parts of the body where there is good circulation. The body temperature tends to be higher at the wrist, neck and crook of the arm. The aromas will be particularly well activated in these areas.

Summer fragrances for women – a vast array for the discerning woman

Most perfumers round out their fragrance collection with a fragrance line created especially for summer. For this reason, there is a whole selection of perfumes for women to choose from during the warmer months. Even the bottles themselves are eye-catching and often dazzle in bright summer colours such as pink, yellow and pale blue. Many perfumers embellish their summer perfume bottles with eye-catching decorations such as opulent flowers or ripe fruit.

In addition to the classic fragrances, which are more discreet, there are also fun-filled creations that envelop the wearer in elegance and style. There are always plenty of fun events on the cards for summer that require a confident look. On balmy evenings, an Eau de Toilette is a good choice for a summer fragrance. It is less concentrated and therefore has a more refreshing feel than the corresponding Eau de Parfum.

Invigorating summer fragrances for men

Fresh out of the sea and ready for an unforgettable summer evening – a seductive, invigorating summer fragrance for men will add the finishing touch to any outfit. The different choices accentuate the individual character. On hot days, however, men like to reach for lighter fragrances that don't hang in the air.

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