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Men's fragrances

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Men’s fragrances

The first impression that we make on other people can be crucial in deciding whether we get to know (or don’t get to know) that person more. The smell or fragrance that a person gives off is a crucial part of this impression.

The importance of the sense of smell as the most complex of our 5 senses is also reflected in many idioms dedicated to the nose and scent, such as “not to be sniffed at", “to smell the coffee", and “to smell a rat".

For the well-groomed man of today, the right men’s fragrance should thus be as much a part of the standard everyday grooming routine as the right razor if he wants to prevent other people immediately scarpering when in his presence!

Applying your favourite perfume to emphasise your personality is thus an opportunity to optimise your olfactory impression.

For the nose of your chosen fragrance to fully develop you need clean, healthy skin, which can be guaranteed with adequate shower and body care. Thankfully, the days in which Eau de Toilette was used to cover your own smell are over!

The first men’s fragrance range, comprising an Eau de Toilette, shaving cream, shaving soap, aftershave, soaps, and hair tonic, was created by the company Knize in the 1920s and went by the name of “Knize Ten". Famous users of this essence are said to have included James Dean and Billy Wilder. Even today, this fragrance classic is a symbol of exclusive elegance and sophisticated style.

Diverse fragrance range for optimum effect

perfume or Eau de Toilette has a prominent position in the field of men’s fragrances and each man has completely individual expectations of his personal scent.

Therefore, in this section we offer you both absolute fragrance classics as well as new products and the underdogs of the fragrance scene that you simply can’t miss.

With our “Special Fragrances" navigation tool, you are able to easily filter the product range to view just the classics or the most popular Top 10 men’s fragrances, for example, at a glance. The original items on this list include the revitalising fragrance of the Eau de Toilette Cool Water from Davidoff, which has been popular for years with floral, woody notes and a sensual yet refreshing vibrancy.

Similar fine brand names such as Armani, Calvin Klein, and Dior can also be found in the aftershaves. All of the products, which were mostly inspired by their perfume counterparts, are guaranteed to calm and care for skin irritated by shaving and, thanks to their fragrance, make your face radiant, and not just visually.

The aftershave Le Male from Jean Paul Gaultier, which invigorates with the sensual notes of the men’s fragrance of the same name and prevents skin irritation after shaving, is just one of many remarkable examples. This package of aftershave and Eau de Toilette can also be completed by matching deodorants.

Besides the skin on your face, which may be slightly irritated after shaving, your entire body should be pampered and made to smell great too. Our range of shower and body care products enables every man to find the right product for him.

This means you can start personalising your scent as soon as you step into the shower. Of course, a shower isn’t a must. With renowned soaps, even the washbasin can become a conglomeration of fragrances too!

Invisible, but on the radar

If you are worried that the effect of applying these product types from the fragrance and body care segment could be too intensive and too dominating, we can reassure you. Our products are not intended to overwhelm you with their fragrance and aroma.

Instead, the focus of our body care ranges is on the aspect of care, which is rounded off by a subtle but definitely present fragrance on the skin. This means that the perfume and deodorant spray improve the care and cleansing of skin and highlight your own style and personality.

The actual fragrance can thus benefit your self-confidence and individuality, which in turn makes a good impression on those around you – in a great-smelling way!