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Buy scented candles online – aroma candles for a feel-good atmosphere

Scented candles transform every home into a harmonious oasis of well-being and leave behind a feel-good vibe with their pleasant room fragrance. The clever combination of different perfume notes and flickering candlelight creates a wonderfully atmospheric effect. Find a wide selection of sensual scented candles for beautiful moments at parfumdreams.

Scented candles in different styles

Scented candles in a glass jar are a timeless classic that has proven to be particularly popular. Room fragrances in this design not only look very elegant, they're also extremely practical. Because any wax that drips down is collected immediately. Scented candles in a jar with a lid offer a further benefit. Their characteristic glass jar captures the respective aroma of the room fragrance for a long time and the candle does not accumulate a layer of dust on the wax, which is co-ordinated in colour with the fragrance itself. At the same time, you can also benefit from the extended burning time of these scented candles as the melted wax in the bottom of the glass can easily harden up again.

Along with candles in a glass jar, premium scented candles made of high-quality scented wax in a porcelain container make aromatic home accessories. The elegant appearance of these beautiful works of art exudes a luxurious charm and works with almost any style of décor thanks to their clean design. Furthermore, scented candles in a metal container are totally wonderful for a pleasant ambiance in a minimalist look.

Which fragrance should your scented candle have?

Aside from their design, scented candles are primarily in high demand thanks to their varied range of fragrance notes. The intense aroma is often released even without flickering candlelight, enveloping the room in a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. Essentially, room fragrances, be they in the form of candles, sprays or essential oils, can be divided into the following types of fragrance:

  • Scented candles with a floral note such as jasmine, rose or lavender will transform your living room at home into a floral oasis.
  • Scented candles with a fruity aroma such as lemon, bergamot or lime awaken the senses while improving concentration.
  • Scented candles with a fresh touch such as those with a cotton scent smell like clean laundry or are reminiscent of a refreshing sea breeze.
  • Scented candles with a powdery note such as vanilla are best associated with a feeling of cleanliness or warmth.
  • Scented candles with a woody aroma such as sandalwood or cedar wood, on the other hand, have a very masculine effect with an intense level of fragrance.

What makes a good scented candle?

Scented candles are not only distinguished by a long burning time. The use of individual raw materials is of significantly greater importance. These should be, firstly, very carefully processed and, secondly, of a high quality standard. As a general rule, scented candles made of paraffin wax, soy wax or beeswax are available.

But of course, a scented candle isn't made purely from wax. In addition to this, these room fragrances are enhanced with scented oils which work in perfect harmony with one another. Generally, the concentration of oil in the candle is several times higher than, for example, in a classic eau de parfum. Here it's important to know that not every oil is suitable for use in an aroma candle because as it burns it may cause soot on the glass or similar problems in some cases.

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