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Scented soaps: a beauty ritual for beautiful, well-nurtured hands

Hands should be washed several times a day, so a high-quality nourishing soap is an extremely important part of daily hand care. But it can do so much more than just clean: a scented soap treats the hands and the senses with aromatic essences that turn your daily routine into a moment of wellness.

Treat yourself to a small piece of luxury with scented soap

Scented soap comes in many different fragrances that beguile the senses. To start the day with more energy, citrus fruit essences are a great choice. Fruity components such as apple, watermelon and coconut spread a summery mood. Gentle lavender or chamomile soothe the soul and are particularly suited to evening care. But it is not just the hands that can benefit from a great fragrance, scented body soaps are also available.

The benefits of a scented soap

As scented soaps often come in solid form, they are very economical and keep for a long time. They are also highly lipophilic. Decorated by engravings or patterns such as flower petals, they make a lovely gift for lots of different occasions. Furthermore, a scented soap can be more environmentally friendly if it is packaged without plastic.

What you should look out for when buying scented soap

If you suffer from dry skin, we recommend trying a rich, creamier soap. Active ingredients such as honey, shea butter and aloe vera top up the skin’s moisture levels. This is very important, especially when washing hands frequently. Oils can also help hydrate the skin. Coconut fat, olive oil, maize oil or sunflower oil have a moisturising effect. If combating skin ageing is important to you, you should opt for scented soaps containing lavender and rose. The acid of vitamin A, also known as tretinoin, also supports the renewal of the skin cells. A stimulating fragrance transforms the mundane activity of washing your hands into a journey to a little oasis. Afterwards, you can treat your hands with a rich hand cream that suits the fragrance of the hand soap.

If you want to treat your hands, make sure that the pH value of the soap is not above 5.5. This ensures that the natural acid mantle of the skin is not damaged. So it is always a good idea to opt for a high-quality product. It doesn’t always have to be expensive. Rare ingredients such as argan oil are a little more expensive. However, they are an investment in healthy, beautiful hands.

Which scented soap suits which skin type?

An important factor when choosing the right scented soap are the requirements of the skin. No matter whether you have insensitive or slightly irritable skin, there is the right soap out there for every skin type:

  • Scented soap for normal skin: nourishes and thoroughly cleanses the skin at the same time.
  • Scented soap for normal to dry skin: contains moisturising ingredients and supportive care extracts.

Scented soaps as a gift

A high-quality scented soap is perfect as a little gift or gesture. Plus a scented soap is also a great little gift for yourself. The nourishing, stimulating ingredients turn something so mundane, such as washing your hands, into a relaxing beauty ritual.

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