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Biotherm - The specialist in the field of beauty care.

Dermatologists, experts and beauty lovers swear by the natural ingredients of the French brand Biotherm. Every development and innovation focuses on the needs and biorhythms of the skin. Formulas perfectly adapted to different skin types promise a healthy and natural look with Biotherm. Highly effective ingredients and selected additives make your complexion radiant and give you a healthy glow. The luxury brand relies above all on the natural power of water, which the skin needs to radiate from within.

Thanks to constant research and intensive further development, Biotherm has managed to remain the undisputed leader in the industry. Biotherm care continues to revolutionise the terrain of women's and men's care after more than 60 years.

The miracle weapon of thermal plankton in Biotherm skincare

Biotherm has long proven that beauty comes from the depths of the seas. Water has been the origin of the brand ever since Dr. Jos Jullien discovered pure thermal plankton in the thermal springs of the French Pyrenees in 1952 and used its regenerating properties for cosmetic products. Pure thermal plankton, called Life Plankton™, is a powerful active ingredient that not only soothes the skin but also naturally protects it from environmental aggressors. Because, as the brand's internal research has shown, 80 per cent of our skin ageing process is due to external factors such as stress, UV radiation and pollutants.

Only 20 percent of the skin ageing process is unavoidable. In addition, thermal plankton ensures smooth, soft skin and provides your skin with plenty of moisture. The innovative active ingredient is still only found in the cosmetic brand's care products. Thus, Biotherm convinces with highly effective products that not only convince with their effect but also with their natural ingredients.

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Do you tend to have dry facial skin? Then the Biotherm Aquasource moisturiser will serve as a true oasis. In combination with the Biotherm Aquasource Eye Revitalizer, it is a real secret weapon for more youthfulness. With every application of a Biotherm product, you give your skin moisture and a unique freshness boost. Transfer this fantastic feeling to the rest of your body and pamper yourself with the precious ingredients of Biotherm Lait Corporel body lotion.

Water as the elixir of life: a philosophy on which the brand has based its care series and research. Whether for the face, the body, in the form of sun milk or anti-aging care, Biotherm seems to develop the right formula for every skin type.