Toiletries, Fragrances and Skin care of Biotherm

Ever since it was founded in 1985, Biotherm has stood for gentle body and facial care. The specific… Learn more

Biotherm Toiletries, Fragrances and Skin care

Biotherm care

Ever since it was founded in 1985, Biotherm has stood for gentle body and facial care. The specifics: From the very beginning, the company has also offered body care and shaving products especially for male skin as part of its range.
In addition to various fragrances, its portfolio of women’s products also includes simple basic facial care and cleansing products, body and sun care products right through to anti-ageing- and complementary care items. The products are all made from natural active substances, perfectly tailored to the skin’s needs and supply it with overall protection and nutrients.

Biotherm – for beautiful skin and a healthy glow

Long-lasting moisture, a radiant complexion and healthy skin: all are guaranteed by Biotherm product lines, the first care ranges to contain thermal plankton. Whatever your skin type, the company offers innovative care solutions to cleanse and protect. Intensive research and constant further development enable Biotherm to adapt its products even better to the skin’s biological processes.

Did you know?

For many years, the company Biotherm has focused on caring for men’s skin. The products in the men’s range Biotherm Homme Aqua and Biotherm Aquapower have been some of the bestselling skin care products in Germany for more than 10 years.

Biotherm Aquapower - moisturising care with fresh spring water for men

In 1985, the company Biotherm launched on the market a skin care range developed specially for men’s skin. It has long been clear to the company that men’s skin must be cared for with a special skin care range besides soap, aftershave, and cream. As men’s skin is structured and formed differently to women’s skin, countless series of tests were necessary to produce a product that meets the special needs of modern men and their special skin. Biotherm Homme Aqua and Biotherm Aquapower contain pure thermal plankton in addition to fresh spring water. The spring water provides moisture, and the thermal plankton strengthens and regenerates the skin. The products are also suitable for sensitive skin types, made from only organically cultivated ingredients, and complemented by naturally occurring raw materials. Biotherm Homme Aqua and many of the other skin care products offered by the company are available worldwide in over 70 countries and are loved by both men and women. The company claims that a Biotherm skin care product is sold every 10 seconds.