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Lip gloss for full lips and a silky shine

Next to lipstick, lip gloss is one of the most popular make-up products. It is easy to apply and the result is striking. The best thing about lip gloss: The silky and shiny finish makes lips immediately look fuller and more voluminous.

Lip gloss in pink, nude or with glitter?

Which lip gloss would you like? The choice is endless, because the manufacturers of high-quality lip glosses really go all out when it comes to colour selection. From pink to delicate lip gloss in nude to glitter lip gloss, there is everything you could possibly wish for. Transparent lip gloss to finish over lipstick is also a much-loved product.

Nourishing lip glosses for a natural finish

Elevate your everyday make-up with a lightly coloured lip gloss with nourishing ingredients. These lip glosses are lightly pigmented and suitable for the beach, the office or the after-work party - without being too overpowering. The advantage of a lip gloss: You can reapply your look in seconds. Don’t feel like constantly renewing your lip gloss? In that case, go for long-lasting lip glosses. They promise to last up to 12 hours and are waterproof.

It’s all in the application. How to apply lip gloss properly

A lip gloss is conveniently packaged with an applicator. Applying lip gloss with the applicator sponge is simple and easy. What you need for a perfect result - beautifully cared for lips. It makes sense to exfoliate the lips before applying lip gloss and a lip liner also helps to prevent the lip gloss from running. It's also a good idea to contour your lips before applying lip gloss, especially with highly pigmented lip glosses such as pink or bright red.

The best lip gloss for your skin type

Unfortunately, not every shade suits every skin type.. There are also differences between lip glosses in a trendy nude shade. Warm skin types often have a yellowish undertone because their skin has a high proportion of melanin. If you tan quickly and rarely get sunburnt in the summer, you are probably a warm skin type. If your tan is rather light and you get sunburnt quickly, you are more likely to be a cool skin type.

The best shade of lip gloss for you:

  • Cool shades with a blue tint suit cool types well.
  • Warm skin types, on the other hand, will be happy with colours with a warm undertone.
  • Colourless lip glosses are suitable for all skin types. If you wear lipstick underneath your lip gloss, you can use a colourless lip gloss to accentuate and visually plump up the volume of your lips.

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