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Reignite the passion with sex toys

A fulfilling sex life will enhance your life just like a cool drink on the beach. Regardless of whether you're in a loving relationship of many years or find yourself having a spontaneous one-night stand. Having the right equipment in your bedside cabinet means that you can really let yourself go. This includes wet wipes, the right contraception and maybe the odd sex toy or two. What's allowed is what pleases both.

Greater variety with sex toys

Nothing kills passion more than routine and the stresses of everyday life. Needless to say, there are more sex toys on the market than ever before. With an open-minded approach and a little imagination, singles and couples alike can discover their new bedtime playmates. From small and discreet to vibrant and intense, there is something to suit every taste and preference.

  • Condoms: They have long since lost their boring image. Bright colours, exciting flavours and sexy textures have made sure of that. When used correctly, they provide reliable protection from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Lubricating gel: Ensures a smooth and pleasurable experience and is a bedside cabinet essential. There are both water-based and oil-based versions. Some lubricating gels also double up as massage oil and can therefore be easily incorporated into foreplay.
  • Vibrators: An absolute staple when it comes to sex toys. There are all kinds of different vibrators out there, ensuring that every woman will find the right one for her.

At parfumdreams you will constantly discover new products with one thing in mind – reawakening those sexual tingles. Everyone has the right to physical fulfilment – regardless of age or gender.

Erotic toys – which is the best?

This question can be hard to answer as everyone has different needs. Some prefer clitoral stimulation, while others want to feel the hardness of a dildo inside of them. This is why the choice of sex toys is so varied. Men are also increasingly discovering the joy of playing creatively with these little devices.

Sex toys for women roughly fall into three categories – internal, external and combined. Which is best comes down to personal preference. While some swear by vibrators with pressure waves, others find this far too intense. However, one thing is for certain – you can have a lot of fun testing out the range.

Surprise your partner with sex toys

No action in the bedroom? Has the passion gone? A carefully selected sex toy has rescued many a relationship. If you're not sure what your partner likes, start small. Introduce a pack of colourful condoms with dots. Surprise your partner with the pleasant sensation of lubricating gel on naked skin. Or buy them a small vibrator so that you can explore new sensations together.