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Lavera: Well-tolerated natural cosmetics of quality

The Lavera brand has been around since 1987 and has made an impression since then with nourishing natural cosmetics. The company was founded by Thomas Haase, who wanted to develop well-tolerated cosmetics based on natural ingredients and founded the Lavera brand to do so. Translated from Latin, Lavera means “the truth”, while the final syllable “na” stands for natural cosmetics, thus making the company’s claims clear in the name.

With his pioneering spirit, Thomas Haase has managed to carry through with the creation of his natural cosmetics and to produce for himself what is lacking in the ranges of other manufacturers. Lavera natural cosmetics were recognised in 2019 by the DIE ZEIT publishing group as the brand of the century and Lavera has also received the Green Brand label twice. Another milestone was reached in 2019 when Laverana was able to announce its climate neutrality. So it's clear what the brand is about: Natural cosmetics that don’t harm the planet, made for people.

Lavera natural cosmetics: You’d do well to get to know these products

Lavera products cover everything to do with skin and skincare. Make-up, sunscreen and dental products are all contained within the Lavera range:

  • Haircare by Lavera such as shampoo and conditioners is popular, and now also available as bars with minimal packaging waste.
  • Lavera body care offers products for cleansing and caring for the body such as shower gel, peels, body lotion, hand cream and deodorant.
  • Lavera suncare offers your skin natural protection from UV rays.
  • Lavera make-up: The natural cosmetics brand also has a wide range of make-up products waiting for you.

Some Lavera products have received the German ÖKO-Test (ECO-Test) “Very good” seal and numerous seals of approval like the NATRUE Standard and the BIO-Logo speak for the brand.

Lavera stands for quality, transparency and naturalness

Lavera stands for a devotion to natural ingredients grown organically without compromise. Consumers can be certain when they buy Lavera natural cosmetics that the products will be free from chemicals. This is why Lavera products are tolerated by every skin type and are suitable for both young and old. When it comes to packaging, transport and value chains as well as at the distribution levels, Lavera stands for environmentally friendly cosmetics that are tolerated well by both people and the planet.

Lavera wants to give customers clarity and make shopping easier with appropriate quality labels on their packaging. So it's evident from first glance that these are high-quality natural cosmetics you can buy without a qualm. Its support of climate protection projects and awareness of the fact that the future of the Earth depends on people make Lavera a trustworthy brand with strong credentials. The entire development and production processes take place in Hanover, which means that the claim to be Made in Germany is no false promise with Lavera.

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