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Shop perfume sets for women online – enchanting and sensual

Many women feel sensual and confident with their favourite fragrance. The women’s world often favours a certain perfume for many years. Men who know this can make their loved one happy with the matching perfume set for women. If you and your romantic partner have been together for a long time, you usually only need to take a look in the bathroom to find her favourite fragrance. By contrast, new romantic partners can only make a guess. A good clue is the fragrance the woman wears on a date. This gives the first clue to the matching perfume. But other methods can also help to find the matching perfume gift set for women.

Which perfume gift set is the right one?

Which perfume gift set is the right one depends on many factors. It is, of course, better to know the personal taste of the giftee to get exactly the right fragrance gift set for women. Three factors can help when selecting the right perfume for women:

  1. Does the woman use her fragranceevery day or only on special occasions?
  2. Is the giftee a teen or an adult woman?
  3. What kind ofpersonality does she have? Is she sporty? Is she laid-back or feisty? Maybe she likes a vanilla fragrance or does she prefer something fruity?

The right perfume gift set for the right occasion

Women who wear a fragrance every day like to use an unobtrusive eau de toilette. The favourite perfume waits in the bathroom cupboard to be taken out for a special occasion. This scent can be somewhat heavier. Oriental or musky scents enchant the senses and make the woman feel sensual and sexy. Women who like a more subtle fragrance prefer to opt for a light perfume with a hint of floral freshness. The perfume could also have a fruity note.

The perfect perfume set for the right age

The tastes of women of different ages are as individual as the fragrances themselves and should be taken into account when shopping fragrance sets for women. Teens often prefer an eau de toilette with fresh, floral and gentle fragrances like vanilla, lilac or rose. Older women, by contrast, opt for perfume that is neither too strong, too sweet nor too austere - a subtle perfume.

Accentuate the personality with the right fragrance set

A perfume is always a statement. This is reflected in the preferred fragrance notes of the many different women’s personality types. A sporty woman likes to opt for a perfume that radiates freshness. Perfume sets for women with a fragrance of mint, melon, eucalyptus or lime deliver a boost of freshness to women like this.

Femmes fatales intensify their personality with an oriental fragrance of pomegranate or black orchid, while the elegant woman knows very well which fragrance complements her exquisite wardrobe. Essences of amber, vanilla or sandalwood guarantee a touch of luxury without going over the top. Determined and confident women, by contrast, prefer fragrances that emphasise their strong character. A floral fragrance with lily, for example, is the right choice here.

Shop perfume sets for women at great prices online

With a fragrance set for women, men can’t go wrong. More than anything, perfume gift sets with shower gel, body cream and foaming shower delight every woman. If you’re unsure, a fragrance set with two different fragrances is just the thing. With such a set, the woman can try out two fragrances at the same time. Women who are often out and about and like to refresh their fragrance, will be pleased to receive a perfume gift set with their favourite perfume in a practical handbag size.

In the parfumdreams online shop you will find the matching perfume set for women with different fragrance notes and fragrance set offers. Order your perfume gift set at great prices online for the perfect gift moment.