Bruno Banani perfume

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Bruno Banani: Dive into a wide range of fragrances

Bruno Banani is the brand from Bruno Banani Underwear GmbH which, in keeping with its name, mainly produces underwear. But Bruno Banani perfume also has a long tradition and is a best seller in German pharmacies and perfume shops. The company has its headquarters in Chemnitz and supplies products to over 1,500 specialist retailers in Germany and abroad.

Bruno Banani was founded in 1993. Initially it produced men’s designer underwear and then added women’s underwear and swimwear to the mix. According to its own information, Bruno Banani perfume is the number 1 perfume brand in Germany.

Bruno Banani is considered a successful German company because it produces in Germany and sells to China, Australia and other European countries. The perfumes are affordable, available in bottle sizes starting at 20 ml and the range of fragrances is large. All this contributes to the fact that Bruno Banani perfumes are such a success and are really popular, despite the fact that Bruno Banani hardly spends any money on international marketing campaigns.

Bruno Banani perfumes: What sets them apart

The product range from Bruno Banani is extensive. There are eight women’s and men’s perfumes, including:

There are also shower gels and deodorant sprays in the Bruno Banani product range. They are based on the fragrances of Bruno Banani perfumes and therefore go really well with them. Most of the brand's fragrances are eau de toilette - there are only a few that are eau de parfum. This makes the fragrances really suitable for everyday use, they can be worn all day long and are subtle but present and pleasant on the nose.

What Bruno Banani perfumes are known for

The Bruno Banani eau de toilette bottles are characterised by their skewed shape. They come with no gimmicks and instead impress with their purist design. This contributes to the perfume’s value for money, directs the focus even more towards the content and makes the Bruno Banani fragrance the star.

Bruno Banani is very accessible, available at many different points of sale and offers good fragrances at reasonable prices. Small bottles of Bruno Banani perfume for women are available from just 6 euros. Men’s fragrances from Bruno Banani are available in very small quantities from as little as 7 euros. The price limit for the perfumes is around 25 euros, but there is also a bottle with 50 ml of eau de parfum.

Buying Bruno Banani perfume is therefore affordable for almost everyone, with a consistently high quality and varied fragrances.

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