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Prada perfumes for premium outfits

Prada was founded in 1913 by Mario and Martino Prada and initially focussed on leather goods of all kinds such as suitcases, bags and gloves. Miccia Prada, the granddaughter of Mario Prada, inherited the family business in 1978 and, together with her husband, made a significant contribution to the success of the luxury label as we know it today.

Since then, Prada stands not only for an exclusive selection of bags and leather goods – the label’s range now also includes high-quality cosmetics and perfumes. The premium Prada perfumes that stand for extravagance and the individuality of the wearer are particularly popular.

Shop Prada Eau de Parfum: pure elegance

With a Prada perfume, you underline your attitude without looking like you are putting it on. Prada Eau de Toilettes include both classic fragrance compositions and summery, sensual and graceful fragrances. High-quality Prada perfumes for women ensure a breathtaking entrance. In its perfumes, Prada places value on exclusive, pure ingredients such as orange blossoms, Indian jasmine, amber, tonka beans and bergamot. Long-lasting fragrance notes ensure you feel your best.

Prada perfumes for every taste

Prada perfumes for men are made with dedication to the art and ingredients that range from bittersweet to powdery and fresh: bergamot, orange blossom, cedar wood and neroli are just some components that Prada likes to use for its perfumes. Prada has a sense for new trends and interprets them into new perfume creations for him and her.

For anyone who doesn’t want to have to choose between floral notes and an intense aroma, parfumdreams also offers unisex perfumes from Prada. The popular unisex line particularly appeals to lovers of unique scents.

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Shop Prada perfumes: at parfumdreams, you will find an exclusive range of Prada perfumes for women and men. Use the practical filters and search for your favourite fragrance notes such as vanilla, musk, sandalwood and floral components. With a Prada perfume that harmonises with your skin, you will turn every head in the room without appearing over the top. Buy your new Prada perfume at parfumdreams and have it delivered conveniently to your door.