Tom Ford Heroes

Klassisch und zeitlos - und doch auf die moderne Zeit angepasst - jeder Signaturduft ermöglicht es, ein einziges, unvergessliches stilistisches Statement abzugeben.

Einzigartige bis gewagte Kreationen

Die Private Blend Kollektion ist ein Experiment ohne Grenzen. Für Tom Ford gibt es keine Regeln, die beschränken, was ein Duft sein kann. Jeder dieser exklusiven Düfte ist unverfälscht & einzigartig.

Duftende Hölzer & Gewürze Asiens

Ein einzigartiger, kostbarer Bestseller Duft, der Körper, Geist und Sinne anregt - sehr exotisch und sinnlich.

Sinnlich. Verführerisch. Unvergesslich.

Tom Fords Duftikonen nehmen dich mit auf eine olfaktorische Reise unwiederstehlicher Intensität. Eine einzigartige Kombination aus dunkler Orchidee, Gewürznoten und sinnlich blumigem Akkord.

Tom ford perfume

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Tom Ford: The road to his own brand

Texan Tom Ford originally worked as a model and studied Art History but from early on dreamed of having a career as a fashion designer. In 1990 he was recruited by the fashion house Gucci, a diminished brand at the time, taking it to the top of the luxury brand market with his designs.

His position as Creative Director ultimately made him famous and he designed clothing, fragrances and stores for the Italian fashion company. He was also in charge of the design of other luxury brands for some years.

In 2004 he founded his own eponymous brand with headquarters in New York. He began to create perfumes and has been very successful with his Tom Ford perfumes right up until today.

What makes Tom Ford perfumes stand out?

For the designer, perfumes are more than just fragrances. They are meaningful accessories that complete an outfit. To create his fragrances, Tom Ford collaborates with high-ranking perfumiers, including Harry Frémont, Honorine Blanc and Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud.

The perfumes by Tom Ford are characterised by exciting contrasts, through which the fragrance notes, some of which are classic, are transformed into modern fashionable perfumes. High-quality ingredients and a succinct scent trail are what make perfumes by Tom Ford stand out – their recognition factor is high. The designer has already created more than 100 perfumes for his own brand and so far his creativity has never disappointed.

The first fragrances that Tom Ford brought out in 2006 were aimed at men or were gender-neutral fragrances, and have long since become classics. Women’s perfumes also appeared over the years.

A Tom Ford perfumes should be seen as a fashion accessory, with which the wearer completes their image. It accentuates the self-awareness of the individual and creates a feeling of sensuality and strength at the same time. If your budget won’t stretch to the perfumes, you can opt for an Eau de Toilette or a Tom Ford Body Spray. These are refreshing, have a light fragrance and cost considerably less.

What characterises Tom Ford perfume?

Tom Ford perfumes are characterised by the contrast of classic and modern. His fashion collections are frequently avant-guard and his perfumes enhance this orientation. Opulence versus restraint or freshness versus density characterise the Tom Ford Eau de Parfums, which can be purchased in a variety of different fragrances. If you prefer a lighter touch, you will get on well with a Tom Ford Body Spray. Extravagant luxury perfumes like those by Tom Ford are something special that make their wearers feel good, accentuate feelings of self-worth and stand for a feeling of sensuality and strength.

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