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Zino Davidoff’s history begins in Kiev, where he was born in 1906. Although Zino Davidoff was a lo… Learn more
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Davidoff Fragrances

Zino Davidoff’s history begins in Kiev, where he was born in 1906. Although Zino Davidoff was a lover of the good life, he also appreciated the simple things in life. He always strove for perfection. In each and every Davidoff fragrance lives the legacy of this extraordinary man, his flair for cosmopolitan luxuriousness and his way of life. To this day the name Davidoff stands for luxury, elegance and a life-affirming positive attitude. The men and women fragrances from Davidoff are able to transpose this attitude to life in the most subtle of ways. Experience moments of true pleasure with the fragrances of Zino Davidoff.
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Davidoff perfume – luxury you can smell

Zino Davidoff always emphasised the importance of enjoying every moment. And to do so, only the best of the best would do for him. In his eyes, there wasn’t yet a fragrance that suited his lifestyle and attitude towards life. So, he developed fragrances that represent an intense zest for life and whose ingredients are of the highest quality. A Davidoff fragrance thus stands for pure luxury and reflects the same zest for life that company founder Zino Davidoff was associated with.

Davidoff perfume: strong fragrances for strong personalities

Every Davidoff perfume is a high-quality fragrance. Fine compositions of perfectly harmonised fragrance notes give the fragrances something quite special and a certain charm. Davidoff men’s and women’s fragrance are bursting with vigour and self-confidence and thus subtly emphasise the character of a strong personality. The intensity of Davidoff fragrances conveys an exciting, thrilling, and pure attitude towards life.

Cool Water – the classic from Davidoff

The most famous Davidoff perfume is “Davidoff Cool Water”. The fragrance has now become a true classic and is one of the bestselling perfumes in Germany. It is available for both women and men. As the name suggests, Davidoff Cool Water is a fragrance for cool personalities, that is, for people with strong self-confidence who keep their cool in all life situations. And that is exactly what Cool Water smells of: self-confidence.

The Eau de Toilette for men captivates with its fresh, masculine, and yet elegant fragrance, which is created by an aromatic top note and the thrilling contrast between floral and woody notes.

The Eau de Parfum Cool Water Woman is a thrilling mix of fresh and fruity components. The fragrance is reminiscent of the endless expanse of the ocean and is thus a symbol of boundless opportunities. This is why the Davidoff perfume “Cool Water” for her is the perfect fragrance for modern, dynamic women.

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