Davidoff perfume

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Davidoff – fragrances that whet the appetite for travel

The perfume brand Davidoff’s story begins in the early 20th century, when Zino Davidoff and his family emigrated from Ukraine to Switzerland. After graduating from high school, Zino gained his first globe-trotting experience in Central and South America. When he returned, he took over his father’s tobacco shop, but stayed in contact with the people he met in America. A few years later he put his own leather goods, watches and accessories on sale in his store. It was the first step towards a self-determined future that set him on a trajectory for more success than he ever could have imagined.

Davidoff perfume as the company’s flagship product

It wasn’t until the 1980s that the company launched the Davidoff perfume – and it took the market by storm. Davidoff is a fresh composition that exudes freedom and has a unique aromatic fragrance made the label immortal: Davidoff Cool Water. The company still stands for quality, exceptional fragrances and innovative products today: something that customers value and the reason why they keep on buying the products.

  • Davidoff men’s perfumes: The range of fragrances is pretty impressive. They come in in beautiful bottles and the majority are fresh and inspiring essences. Every Davidoff perfume boasts an enchanting blend of floral and woody notes that have proven to be very popular with consumers. Every bouquet contains additional fresh nuances that are reminiscent of holidays in far-off lands.
  • Davidoff skincare: Besides the famous fragrances such as Cool Water or The Game, the range also includes Davidoff skincare products. Besides aftershave for men or deodorant sticks for women, there is also the occasional sophisticated Davidoff gift set. Many contain a perfume plus a body lotion or cream – a beautiful treat for yourself or a loved one.
  • Davidoff accessories: Leather goods, cufflinks and wallets are still firm fixtures in the interesting, luxurious and sophisticated Davidoff product range. The company offers a balanced selection of products for luxury lifestyles that complete an outfit in every respect.

Soon after the first Davidoff eau de parfum conquered the world, the company launched its Davidoff women’s fragrances. Every product skilfully combines fresh and fruity nuances that symbolise the lightness of life and the dynamic world we live in.

Davidoff – a brand with boundless success

Behind every big brand are clever minds who devote themselves to the company. In the case of Davidoff, that role is held by Pierre Bourdon, the man who developed Cool Water and one of the most creative perfumers in the world. After the launch of Cool Water, Davidoff continued working tirelessly on the development of new products that exude pure joie de vie and represent the good things in life. As well as exclusivity and luxury, of course.

To be able to include products for all areas of life in its range, Davidoff draws on plentiful resources. The label uses fresh notes such as lemon or bergamot, cleverly combined with oak moss, watermelon, magnolia or cedarwood to symbolise the vast expanses of the ocean. Each fragrance is a unique composition with an incomparable bouquet and staying power.

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