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Bright nail polish will bring some colour into your life

You can use colourful nail polish to highlight your personality and show off your style. Whether it’s a sleek design for the office or bright and cheerful summer colours: A collection of nail polishes in your favourite colours is a must-have for every bathroom.

Buying nail polish: How do I find the right one?

Be it your finger- or toenails: A little colour is guaranteed to turn heads. The selection of shades is virtually limitless. You too are sure to find your new favourite colour at parfumdreams. But when it comes to buying nail polish, we often ask ourselves: What differences are there?

  • Top coat: This polish is transparent and serves to protect your freshly painted nails. It is available in high-shine and matte finishes.
  • Base coat: It is a transparent or pale pink polish which protects your natural nails from discolouration. It is particularly recommended when using dark colours.
  • Quick-drying nail polish: In a rush? Then you should choose a quick-dry polish to cut the waiting time needed for perfectly painted nails.
  • Gel polish: Long wear time and the ultimate shine. A thicker consistency and with better coverage.
  • UV nail polish: It doesn’t air-dry which means you will need a UV lamp. Lasts for 2-3 weeks and requires special nail polish remover.

The right nail polish for all requirements. You’ll discover everything you need to achieve manicured nails in the parfumdreams range. From a protective base coat, to varnishes in subtle or bold shades, to hypoallergenic nail polish. Develop your style, show off your individuality and play with colours and effects.

Which colour of nail polish suits me?

Whether neon pink, white or sunshine yellow: Almost any colour works well with a summer tan. If you have very pale skin, warm red, orange or yellow tones will suit you best. Nude is an excellent choice for sleek office-worthy nails. Red nail polish is the classic head-turning shade and is perfect for wearing for a night of partying or on holiday.

A little tip for testing new shades of nail polish: Place a layer of clear Sellotape over your nails before painting them. In doing so, you can find out with very little effort if your new colour will suit your outfit and your skin tone. If not: Peel off the tape and try a new colour.

The best way to apply nail polish

Before applying your nail polish, treat your talons to an extensive manicure. Trim and file your nails into the desired shape and remove any excess from the cuticles. A base coat will protect your natural nails and smooth out any irregularities in texture. You should always wear a base coat under colourful nail polishes in order to achieve a perfect result. Allow your nails to dry completely.

No matter which nail polish you use: Start your brush stroke at the base of the nail, moving in the direction of the tip. Start in the centre and work across the entire width of the nail, stroke by stroke. To ensure that the colour can develop its full radiance, you may need a second coat, depending on the nail polish. The last step is to apply a top coat, which will give your nails a matte or shiny finish.

The important thing is: Allow each layer to dry completely. This will take at least 10 minutes. In doing so, you should keep your fingers as still as possible. If you’re not a very patient person, you should use a quick-drying nail polish.