Since 1828, Guerlain has explored, innovated and perfected its Fragrance, Skincare and Makeup thanks to its daring creators of mythic creations with timeless savoir-faire. All with Nature and Art as inspiration and the Culture of Beauty as a signature. Visionary in its holistic perception of Beauty, since founding, Guerlain has made its mark through creative daring and innovation.


GUERLAIN perfume

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Guerlain perfume – fragrances from the traditional brand

Guerlain is not just any cosmetics brand – it is a traditional company with a long history behind it. The French cosmetics manufacturer Pierre-François Guerlain opened his first shop in the Rue de Rivoli in Paris in 1828. With his sons, Aimé and Gabriel, he created various Guerlain perfumes that wowed not only customers shopping in store. The European royal houses were also very interested in the exquisite perfume. Guerlain continued to develop over the years and remains very popular today.

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Poetic, sensual, seductive – scarcely any other fragrance is more sensational than Guerlain perfume. It’s mainly the world of fragrance that arouses the interest of women and men. Over time, high-quality cosmetics were also added, which since then have accentuated the company’s portfolio.

  • Guerlain women’s perfume: It is nearly 200 years of expertise and tireless work that the brand puts into every women’s fragrance. Whether it’s Guerlain Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette – gentle extracts of vanilla provide sweet nuances, while liquorice, patchouli and rose enable distinctive fragrance compositions. Guerlain uses only high-quality ingredients that allow clear fragrance creations. This has paved the way for the creation of fabulous fragrance favourites like La Petite Robe Noir or the Aqua Allegoria fragrance range that represents strong, interesting and confident women.
  • Guerlain men’s fragrances Whereas women’s fragrances adorned Guerlain’s repertoire for a long time, the men’s fragrances were added at the beginning of the 20th century. Exquisite mixtures of fresh or woody essences defined first satisfying creations for men. When men’s fragrances with Far Eastern notes were added in the mid-60s, the new perfumes took the market by storm. Up until today, every men’s perfume reveals breath-taking fragrances that impress and radiate strength, style and masculinity.
  • Guerlain gender-neutral fragrances: Unlike many brands, Guerlain also offers gender-neutral fragrances in the spirit of the time. Each perfume is equally suitable for women and men and promises a fragrance journey of the senses. In addition, not only are luxurious components like amber and musk used but also sandalwood and lime.
  • Guerlain make-up Natural beauty can be highlighted and accentuated with decorative cosmetics. Guerlain provides an extensive range of eyeshadows, nail polish and lipsticks, along with various tools like brushes. Your entire personal appearance is covered for a sensational look.
  • Guerlain skincare: For perfume and cosmetics to work perfectly, it is always best to prep the skin beforehand. With the Guerlain skincare range, you can care for the skin and provide it with the perfect amount of moisture. Along with lip care, serums and eye creams, there are also lotions available, which are perfectly tailored to the body’s requirements.

Guerlain offers a fabulous selection of various products. It’s not just the packaging that is carefully considered down to the smallest detail. Every item from bottle to jar offers the best quality and testifies to the high standards the company has set for itself. Every product pampers the skin and creates unique experiences that linger in the memory – for pure luxury and enjoyable moments.

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