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The French perfume house Parfums de Marly primarily unites the beautiful aspects of France in the 18… Learn more
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Parfums de Marly Body, Haircare and Fragrances

The French perfume house Parfums de Marly primarily unites the beautiful aspects of France in the 18th century, by showing a very special interest in the preferences of King Ludwig, which not only made the royal court in France pause for thought, they were also significantly responsible for the fragrance euphoria that erupted at the time. Unlike previous rulers, France’s then upper class had developed a very special preference for fragrances, which is why the royal court quickly cloaked itself in a a fragrant ambiance, which cast a spell on everyone - from ruler to court jester.At the same time, however, King Ludwig XV also had a special love of horses. He not only liked to see them in nature but just as much at court. The French ruler thus had the world-renowned sculptor Coustou brought in to create gigantic statues of horses in memory of his great-grandfather. The perfume house Parfums de Marly takes up all these historical references in every single one of its perfumes and in its own logo.

For all lovers of French fragrances

Each perfume by Parfums de Marly has a high recognition value and a distinctive character. That is already underscored by the ""Royal Essence"" supplement in the brand logo, as the creations really are royal and of just as exceptional quality. The brand is known for crossing limits and and even for combining essences in one perfume that don’t seem immediately coherent at first glance. However, the company’s experienced perfumers then apply such a sure instinct that even high-contrast fragrances are unbelievably atmospheric and harmonious.As long as no unisex fragrance is involved, the respective fragrances are very precisely tailored to the sexes. Thus, as usual, predominantly light and very open fragrances are manufactured for women, while the structure of a masculine perfume may quite well turn out to be a lot heavier. Combined with the chic flacons, perfect fragrance creations are the result!