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Buying condoms – more than just a means of contraception

Condoms are one of the most important aids in your bedroom. Used correctly, they not only prevent unwanted pregnancy but also protect against the transmission of diseases. While this form of contraception used to be a fairly sober affair, nowadays it provides all kinds of variety between the sheets. The following types will truly pep up your love life:

  • Colourful flavoured condoms: A wonderful surprise not just for oral sex.
  • Dots, grooves, stimulating gel: Intense and varied sensations for more enjoyment in the bedroom.
  • Latex-free condoms: Ideal for latex allergies.
  • Condoms in different sizes: Finding the optimal fit ensures pleasurable, safe sex.
  • Ultra-sensitive contraception: Super thin latex strengthens the connection and improves the lovemaking.
  • Extra-moist condoms: For vaginal dryness and as an addition or alternative to lube.
  • Endurance condoms: A light anaesthetising gel delays the man's orgasm.

Safe sex has never been so sexy. The manufacturers of condoms have come up with a fair few ideas. The boring image has gone out of the window. The contraception of today fits the penis perfectly, improving safety and enjoyment for all involved. Plus there is a fun solution to suit every preference. Many couples use condoms to breathe new life into their love life. At parfumdreams you'll find a huge selection of different types of condom.

Using condoms safely

Condoms undergo state-of-the-art checks by the manufacturer before they are put on the market. They will last for many years in airtight packaging. However, be sure to check the expiry date each time. If the date has expired, it's best to buy fresh condoms, just to be safe. You should also check that the packaging is not damaged. Otherwise there's a risk that the condom could tear.

Even though condoms may appear to be pretty indestructible, they should not be kept in your wallet for long periods of time. Pressure and sharp edges can quickly result in the packaging becoming damaged. Excess heat can also damage the rubber and make it porous. In such instances, safety is no longer guaranteed. You also need to be careful with sharp fingernails. If in doubt, go by the motto "Better safe than sorry" and always use a fresh condom.

Buying condoms shows your partner that you are being responsible. Safe sex is more important than ever and allows all involved to fully let themselves go. Don't forget to put the condom in the bin after use. Don't flush it down the toilet as this could cause an unpleasant blockage.

What are latex-free condoms?

Good advice used to be expensive for people with a latex allergy. Latex-free condoms brought breakthrough and are now a staple alternative. They are made of various materials such as polyisoprene (synthetic latex without allergy-causing proteins), polyurethane and Vytex. All of these synthetic materials are known for being well tolerated and stretchy. The manufacturers also promise intense sensations and connection.

For a better glide, latex-free condoms are also coated with a silicone lubricant. If you want to use additional lubricating gel, please read the label on the packaging. Latex-free condoms offer the same level of safety as their latex counterparts. However, they are also suitable for those with a vegan lifestyle as casein (milk protein) is not used in production.