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The most exquisite materials and timeless elegance are the hallmarks of Giorgio Armani. Famous for h… Learn more

Armani Skin care, Fragrances and Cosmetics

The most exquisite materials and timeless elegance are the hallmarks of Giorgio Armani. Famous for his clean-tailored, very elegant men’s business wear of the top-class in muted colours and made from materials that fall effortlessly, Armani has become a fashion world staple that one cannot imagine to be without.The speciality of Armani perfumes are without doubt their extraordinary ingredients used by Armani perfumers to produce these fragrance creations. They serve to give Armani perfumes their very own, special character that makes them stand apart and makes them so unique. In 1981 Georgio Armani founded his second brand, called “Emporio Armani”, which is more sporty while still relying on elegance. Demand only the best and discover the inimitable Armani perfumes from the Italian designer, regarded as the most important fashion Designer of the 20th century.

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Armani perfume - elegant understatement throughout the whole line

“To make people look and smell as good as possible” is what Giorgio Armani considers his real duty. With his style, which is characterised by elegant understatement, and perfumes, which emphasise the essentials, the former medicine student has created a true fashion and fragrance empire that consistently reflects the latest trends in the fashion and fragrance world and - first and foremost - sets trends!

Giorgio Armani – the Italian designer’s world of fashion and perfume

After abandoning his medicine studies, Giorgio Armani - who was born in Italy in 1934 - initially worked as a window dresser and then an exhibition organiser, before finally becoming a fashion buyer and head of the men’s fashion boutique at the department store La Rinascente in Milan. In 1974, Armani founded his own fashion label for men, and expanded this to include fashion for women - “less is more; that’s my definition of style!”

The story of Armani perfume began in 1982. The first women’s perfume was followed, two years later, by Armani pour Homme. The range of Armani perfumes was extended by the fragrance line Acqua di Gió for Women and Acqua di Gió Homme, which is one of the bestselling men’s fragrances in the world to date. Classic fragrances such as armani mania, Attitude, Armani Code, and the Onde fragrance line followed and made Armani perfumes some of the most popular fragrances in the world.

Armani perfume at – timeless and elegant, simple and sensual

“A perfume ought to surround a person like an aura, ought to arrive ahead of him and ought to stay behind after he’s left, but it should never outdo him,” the perfectionist and purist Giorgio Armani explains. Find the Armani perfume that suits you at! The label Giorgio Armani symbolises elegant, exquisite fragrances, while the Armani perfumes in the range Emporio Armani She and Emporio Armani he express lightness and reflect the youthful side - willingness to experiment, energy, a sprightly zest for life, and modern dynamism - of Armani perfume.

Giorgio Armani Women’s Perfume

Perfumes to fall in love with! The IDOLE d´ARMANI is a true hymn to femininity. Wrap yourself in natural elegance and appealing sensuality with Armani perfume. Delicate floral notes are combined with a luxurious touch of leather, rounded off by a subtle, honey-coloured note of spice. The IDOLE d’ARMANI Body Lotion and the Armani Shower Gel also have the unique fresh, floral feel-good factor. Armani lends its scent to many more products: fragrance creations from the house of Armani at!

Giorgio Armani Men’s Fragrances

Armani Code Homme – a profound and mysterious name for a fascinating fragrance made up of fruity lemon aromas, bergamot, olive blossoms, tonka bean, aromatic tobacco, and guaiac wood.

Demand only the best and discover the inimitable Armani perfumes from the Italian designer, who is today regarded as one of the most important designers of the 20th century.