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SENSAI – Cosmetics that combine the wisdom and knowledge of Japan

To enhance the beauty of woman, the brand SENSAI opts for high-quality, natural ingredients, including the precious Koishimaru silk, which at one time was reserved for the imperial family alone. This skin-pampering substance stimulates the formation of natural hyaluronic acid and makes skin silky and elastic. It is an important component of the fine creams, lotions and essences that unfold their effect in a special skincare ritual. At parfumdreams you will find luxurious products to care for your skin, pretty cosmetics and superior fragrances that enhance your character.

SENSAI products: Luxurious skincare for silky soft skin

The skincare philosophy Saho plays an important part when using SENSAI products. Inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony, it sets out certain principles for performing the individual skincare steps. SENSAI is convinced that the sequence of the application is decisive for pampering and relaxing the body, spirit and senses. The focus is on:

  • Double-cleansing: Cleansing your skin with SENSAI products is carried out in two steps. The oil-based pre-cleanse removes sebum and make-up. Then the deep-cleanse removes keratinised skin cells and impurities.
  • Double-hydration: After cleansing, the skin should be hydrated with a moisturising, refreshing lotion to best prepare it for the skincare to follow. Then valuable nutrients in creams and emulsions ensure a cared-for, beautiful appearance. They smooth, firm, strengthen and protect the skin.
  • Double-application: The application plays an important part in double-hydration. You begin with a gentle facial massage to relax, pamper your senses and revitalise your facial skin. Afterwards, press your skin lightly with your hands to improve the absorption of the skincare.

Shop SENSAI: Luxurious products for skincare

SENSAI has an entire palette of luxurious skincare products. These contain high-quality ingredients, which are tailored to the special requirements of different skin types. Products are available that build on each other as part of the Saho skincare philosophy. If you would like to buy the innovative cosmetics by SENSAI, you will find a wide selection at parfumdreams:

  • SENSAI make-up: High-quality make-up products give your day-to-day a touch of luxury. The textures of Sensai are silky, creamy and super easy to blend. The result: An elegant look that makes you radiant.
  • SENSAI skincare: The lotions hydrate the skin to prepare it for the subsequent skincare. Creams, fluids and emulsions supply nutrients to improve the skin’s appearance.
  • SENSAI suncare: Thanks to their high SPF, the waterproof sun creams protect the skin from damage and oxidation from UV rays. At the same time, they combat the signs of premature skin ageing. After-sun products care for the skin and provide moisture. You can give your complexion a touch of colour with a self-tanner.
  • SENSAI body care: For intensive body care, there are fine lifting creams for the neck and décolleté, skin-pampering hand creams as well as firming body emulsions in the product palette of SENSAI.

A women’s fragrance by SENSAI can enhance the product, leaving behind a fruity fresh waft of bergamot, rose pepper, pear and violet. The delightful fragrance gently brushes against the senses with a gentle bouquet of white flowers. It climaxes with rich aromas of tonka bean and sensual amber. The Eau de Parfum envelops the skin like the finest silk and gives expression to inner beauty.

SENSAI cosmetics: Make-up that enhances your beauty

Along with the wide palette of face and body care products, at parfumdreams you can order pretty cosmetics by SENSAI for the face, eyes, lips and cheeks. The bestsellers are the smudge-free mascara, which is easy to remove with water at 38 °C, the moisturising fluid foundations and the luxurious anti-ageing lipsticks in exciting colours. There are brushes and make-up sponges for a flawless application to go with them.