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Room sprays are more than just a practical way to freshen up the air within our own four walls.. With delicate fragrance notes, you can transform your home into a wonderful oasis of well-being. At the same time, room fragrance sprays are the right choice for those who want to quickly and effectively eradicate unpleasant odours in their home.

Discover room sprays to suit your home

If even airing out the room doesn’t achieve the desired effect and unpleasant odours stubbornly hang in the air, room sprays are simply the perfect solution. Thanks to their high-quality essences, aromatic room freshener sprays are able to provide fast relief. The fragrant ingredients, diluted with water, are released into the air of the room with a single pump. In doing so, these tiny droplets absorb the odour molecules and lock them away inside. In this way, room sprays not only eliminate unwanted odours, they actually even clean the air to a certain extent.

Popular notes for room sprays

Room sprays often comprise water, alcohol and synthetic fragrances. However, products containing essential oils of natural origin are very much in demand. Air freshener sprays with these uplifting essences are not only less likely to cause irritation, but are also often used in aromatherapy treatments.

The fragrance notes of these room sprays, which spread a pleasant scent throughout the house, are extremely varied:

  • Room spray with a calming effect: Room fragrance sprays with a floral fragrance comprising lavender, jasmine or rose are particularly relaxing. Ideal for your living room or bedroom. A room spray with lavender is also wonderful for relaxing in the bath.
  • A room spray for more energy: lemon, orange, lemongrass as well as other citrus fragrance notes are well-known for their invigorating effects. This makes them excellent for your home office.
  • A room spray for a sensual ambience: You can also achieve warmth and cosiness at home using scents. Air freshener sprays with vanilla, cinnamon or sandalwood are great for this purpose. A popular fragrance for all areas of the home.

For fans of floral fragrances in particular, the selection of room sprays with a floral note at parfumdreams is huge. But those who prefer more bitter fragrances will also find what they're looking for and can, for example, enjoy an air freshener spray with the woody aromas of the forest.

Room sprays with natural ingredients

In the range available at parfumdreams, you’ll primarily find popular room sprays from Primavera. This brand is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of organic room fragrance air freshener sprays. This family company based in Bavaria believes in vegan ingredients and uses high-quality plant-based oils from organic cultivation in its air freshener sprays. Their focus in doing so is always on the symbiosis between people, nature and well-being. The natural cosmetics seal of quality given to Primavera room sprays also demonstrates the company's high quality standards for its products.

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Whether that’s feel-good room sprays with an aromatherapy effect or air freshener sprays with a floral note: A beautiful array of products with the most varied palette of fragrances awaits you in the parfumdreams online shop. Order you favourite fragrance for your home and create a long-lasting, sensual atmosphere with your chosen scent.