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Description by Room Spray Cielo by Linari

The Cielo Room Spray from Linari comes in a simple, elegant bottle, which is furnished with a lid of dark wood. The Cielo Spray can be used to fragrance individual parts of rooms or even whole rooms specifically and selectively with pleasant fragrances. Two to three sprays are enough, even in larger rooms, to wrap the rooms in a pleasant-smelling robe and create a light, calming atmosphere. The black bottle reflects the light and has a capacity of 100 ml.

Minimalistic elegance and elaborate compositions

The Linari room spray uses a fruity top note of galbanum, mandarin, and bergamot, which is complemented by a base note of musk. Finally, the heart of the exciting fragrance combines two basic, great-smelling woods: cedar wood and tulipwood. Both ingredients ensure a warm, hearty, and melodious fragrance that is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, or guest rooms.

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