Payment methods

At, there are many ways in which you can pay for your orders. You can find out which are available at the moment by clicking on the desired payment method and obtaining more detailed information on this method in this way.

Please note that when placing an order for shipping via the dispatch method DHL Express, you can only pay via PayPal, credit card, and if possible, on account and direct debit.

Advance payment

Advance payment (also prepayment or cash in advance) is a contractual condition that requires the buyer to pay the purchase price before the seller begins to make the contractual goods delivery. This means that the customer undertakes advance performance, i.e. pays in advance and we then send the goods.

On account

We offer, among others, the payment method payment on account. In some circumstances, this may be refused following a review from a risk management aspect. When placing an order with the payment method “purchase on account”, you receive your order first and must pay for the goods by transfer within 14 days. As this constitutes great trust in customers, however, this payment method is subject to certain restrictions.
Purchase on account restriction: to be able to choose this payment method, a security check needs to be performed, which is why we cannot offer all customers payment on account.

Credit card

When paying by credit card, easy and quick processing of your order is guaranteed. To do so, you only have to enter your credit card number and the 3/4-digit security code on the back of the credit card, as well as the date on which the credit card expires. If your credit card is protected by MasterCard 3D Secure or Verified by Visa, you will be forwarded to a secure website hosted by your credit card issuing bank, where you have to enter the protection code. As soon as the credit card is accepted, the payment is made. The dispatch of your goods is initiated as soon as the credit card is accepted. You can obtain further information on MasterCard 3D Secure HERE or on Verified by Visa HERE.

Direct debit

The direct debit payment method is only available to you if you have already been a customer with us in the past. Direct debit is a cashless transaction payment method. This payment method is triggered by the customer in that the payment, the amount of which is determined by the payment recipient, is debited from the customer’s account. This means that you allow to debit your account. You can then place orders without having to worry about payment afterwards.
We only offer direct debit to existing customers. That is, customers who have successfully completed an order in the past.


PayPal is the online payment service with which you can pay in online shops securely, easily, and quickly - and free of charge. PayPal also provides the following benefits:
- Secure: your bank or credit card details are only stored by PayPal. Therefore, they are not resent over the Internet every time you make a purchase online.
- Easy: you pay in two clicks. This is because, with PayPal, you use your saved bank or credit card details instead of re-entering them for every purchase.
- Fast: PayPal payments are received quickly. The seller can then send the goods immediately, and you receive them quicker than before.

Pay with PayPal

PayPal Express

You choose payment by PayPal Express at the checkout. You are then be forwarded straight to PayPal to complete the order there. Please ensure that the correct delivery address is saved in your PayPal account.

Amazon Pay

You can now pay with your existing account. Simply choose AMAZON PAY at the checkout. This opens a pop-up window, in which you can log in using your Amazon details. You can now use all the addresses and payment types that you have saved on Amazon. You can also enter new addresses or payment types. Please note that Express delivery can be selected here.

Instant transfer

If paying by instant transfer, the transfer will be made immediately. The merchant also receives instant confirmation that a mandate has been given to make the transfer, so that they don’t have to wait for the payment to be received as they do with advance payment. This means that we can process your order and send it to you as quickly as possible.

Cash on delivery

When paying by cash on delivery, your order, if available, is immediately sent directly to your desired address. Payment is made immediately upon delivery by DHL. The standard terms of dispatch and delivery apply. A fee of €4.30 is also charged when paying in this way. A delivery charge of €2.00 is also payable directly to the carrier for delivery.