Beard soaps & beard shampoos

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Beard soap & beard shampoo: Cleansing & care for men

A man’s beard needs proper care and attention. To care for a beard and keep it smooth, special cleansing products such as beard soap and beard shampoo are a great addition to facial care for men.

Gently cleanse with beard soaps

Beard hair is not the same as head hair. It is often much thicker and more straw-like, so it needs a different, more gentle type of cleansing than the hair on your head. The right beard soap does more than just rid the beard of everyday dirt, styling products and flakes of skin. It also cleanses the delicate facial skin underneath. That's why you should be mindful of a few things when choosing the perfect beard soap, such as your skin and beard type. Alcohol-free products are suitable for dry skin. Oily skin types may prefer herbal beard shampoos with peppermint and rosemary oil.

Beard soap and beard shampoos come in a variety of different aromas so that your grooming experience is a fragrant one. Whether you prefer a fresh, fruity scent or a woody, spicy one: at parfumdreams, you will find the perfect beard shampoo with a pleasant fragrance.

Beard shampoo or beard soap?

Beard shampoo is a great cleansing and care product for daily use to look after that irresistible beard of yours. It effortlessly removes everyday dirt such as particles of dust and sebum.

Beard soap, on the other hand, removes particularly stubborn leftover styling products such as pomade and wax. But it also effectively removes work-related grime, such as wood shavings and workshop dust. Beard soaps come as a solid bar of soap as well as in a practical pump dispenser so you can clean your beard thoroughly using the liquid soap.

The easy way to use beard shampoo and soap

Wet your beard well and apply a sufficient amount (about the size of a hazelnut) of the beard shampoo. Distribute the product between your palms and massage it into your beard using a circular motion. Then rinse thoroughly so that no foam remains. For extra care, you can use a moisturising cream or a suitable beard oil after cleansing. This not only cares for your facial hair, but also for the delicate skin on the face.

Buy the perfect beard soap at parfumdreams

Take care of your beard and groom it with the right beard wash tailored to your needs. Browse the large selection at parfumdreams. Use the practical filter function to find your beard soap or your new facial hair shampoo. Make your beard a genuine headturner by having the right grooming and styling products, such as men’s beard shampoo and pomade for your beard, delivered to your door.