Perfume durability - This is how perfume lasts especially long

From sensual and seductive to fresh and fruity to elegant: most people have not just one perfume at home, but a whole range of fragrances. However, since perfume does not last forever, some things should be taken into account when storing and handling it. This article answers all questions about perfume shelf life and provides important tips for optimal storage.

02 November 2022 • 2 min. reading time

How long does perfume last?

Even perfumes have a use-by date. Once a perfume is opened, it lasts for around three years. How long it lasts depends on various factors like the right storage, how it is handled and the type of perfume. Eau de toilettes, for example, in many cases last longer than eau de parfum. However, unlike foodstuffs, perfumes don’t go off from one day to the next: slowly but surely they change their colour, consistency and smell.

How long does perfume last unopened?

Whereas perfumes that have already been opened last up to 3 years with the right storage, unopened eau de parfums can be used for up to five years and unopened eau de toilettes can even be used for up to six years.

Can perfume expire?

Yes, perfume can expire. However, unlike foodstuffs, for example, perfume does not develop dangerous bacteria or mould. If a perfume has already gone off, you can tell by the thick consistency, the dark colour and a sour smell. Does the perfume smell musty and different from how it did when you first opened it? Then it’s time to stop using it.

Where should I keep my perfume?

How long a perfume lasts depends on the right storage. To allow a fragrance to be used for as long as possible, it should be stored as follows:

  • Store perfume in a cool and dry place: The best storage temperature for perfume is 17 to 20 degrees. This is the usual temperature for a bedroom, where the air is also nice and dry. The bedroom is therefore the perfect place to store perfume.
  • Keep perfume out of the light: Along with heat, cold and damp, UV radiation also has a negative effect on how long perfume lasts. Therefore, it's best to keep perfume in its original packaging in a drawer or cupboard.
  • Do not store perfume in the bathroom: Due to daily showering and hand-washing, the humidity in the bathroom is much too high for storing perfume. In addition, the temperature is also usually higher than the ideal storage temperature for perfume.

Is the fridge suitable for storing perfume?

Unlike many other cosmetic products, the fridge is totally unsuitable for storing perfume. Perfume should indeed be stored in a cool place but not at too low a temperature. The ideal storage temperature for perfume is 17 to 20°C. Along with the temperature being too low, the humidity in the fridge is usually too high for perfume due to the food stored there.

Here’s how to make perfume last

To ensure your perfume lasts as long as possible, it’s best to observe the following tips along with the right storage:

  • A spray bottle instead of a dabber bottle: The length of time a perfume lasts in a dabber bottle is heavily reduced through regular contact with the skin. Spray bottles are better suited to keeping perfume fresh for a long time.
  • High alcohol content: The higher the alcohol content in the fragrance, the longer the perfume will smell pleasant.
  • Close the lid tight on the perfume: If air gets into the bottle regularly, the fragrance will slowly but surely evaporate. For this reason, the lid should be sealed tightly after use.


Perfume lasts from three to six years, depending on the type of perfume and the right storage. In the end, the fragrance will gradually become rancid and will no longer smell as it actually should. Perfume lasts longest if kept in a cool, dry place, out of the light. Perfume also lasts longer in a spray bottle, rather than in a dabber bottle, and if it has a high alcohol content.

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