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Micro French nails – elegance at your fingertips

Micro French nails are conquering the nail design scene and promise a whole new dimension of elegance. Forget the traditional French manicure, because micro French nails not only focus on timeless classics, but also give the traditional look a modern and exciting twist. In this article, we will not only reveal what micro French nails are, but also how you can create the perfect French look in no time at all with microscopic precision and a pinch of creativity.

24 June 2024 • 3 min. reading time

What are micro French nails?

Imagine a delicate ballet of fine lines and subtle colour accents unfolding on your nails. Micro French nails are like artistic miniature paintings in which the traditional white tip of the French manicure is reinterpreted with filigree precision. The tips are finer, the lines more precise and the result is a look that is both subtle and striking at the same time.

The tiny details make all the difference – from a wafer-thin line that hugs the tip of the nail to gentle colour gradients that add subtle depth. Every nail becomes a canvas.

Whether you opt for a classic look or a modern twist, the micro French manicure offers a range of possibilities to express your personality in a fascinating way.

Micro manicure as preparation

  • Shaping and cleaning: Start by shaping your nails. File them into the desired shape, be it oval, square or almond-shaped. Use a fine nail file to create gentle contours. Then clean your nails thoroughly to remove any residue of old nail polish or oils.

  • Cuticle care: Cuticle care is crucial. Use a gentle cuticle oil or cream to keep the cuticles supple.

  • Polish and shine: Use a gentle nail polish to smooth out imperfections and prepare the surface. A polish gives the nails a natural shine so that they shine even before the actual polish is applied.

  • Nail strengthening: A nail strengthening base is a must to protect the nails and increase their resistance. It forms the perfect foundation for the subsequent nail polish.

How can you do French nails yourself?

Step 1: Colour selection – the creative start

Choose a high-quality nail polish in the colour you want for your micro French nails. Classic white for a timeless look, soft pastel shades for a playful touch or a touch of glitter for special occasions – your choice should match your style.

Step 2: Precision work – designing your micro French nails

Now comes the exciting part – the actual micro French nail design. Use a fine precision brush to paint the tiny nail tip. Make sure the brush is clean and apply each stroke with care to create intricate details. The lines should be thin and precise to achieve the classic French look. If you don’t have a precision brush, you can simply take a small sponge and wrap it in cling film. Then apply some nail polish to the cling film and gently press the tip of your nail into it.

Step 3: Unleash your creativity – try out different designs

Experiment with different designs. You can combine colours, create accents or even try out asymmetrical lines. Let your creativity run wild and design your micro French nails to suit your individual taste.

Step 4: Top coat – the finishing touch for shine and durability

Seal your micro French nails with a high-gloss top coat. This not only provides a glamorous touch, but also ensures longer durability and protects the design from chipping.


DIY micro French nails allow anyone to become their own nail artist. The ease of use and versatility of this technique allow you to create customised designs that can range from delicate lines to playful patterns. The choice of colours and styles is almost limitless, so there need be no end to your personal creativity.

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