Cosmetics, Fragrances and Skin care of Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden was one of the big pioneers in today’s beauty industry. After opening her first cosm… Learn more
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Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics, Fragrances and Skin care

Elizabeth Arden – Skin care and perfume with a long tradition

Elizabeth Arden was one of the big pioneers in today’s beauty industry. After opening her first cosmetic salon on New York’s 5th Avenue in 1910, she quickly enjoyed further success.

This was due in part to Elizabeth Arden’s brilliant business sense and also to the creation of incomparable skincare products which were soon joined by exclusive women’s fragrances. Today, the most well known of these include the eau de parfum 5th Avenue and the cosmetic range Green Tea. The floral-oriental fragrance of the perfume 5th Avenue represents fashionable elegance whilst Green Tea is distinguished by a zesty freshness which is perfect for summer.

Pioneering skincare products by Elizabeth Arden

Over the course of her life, Elizabeth Arden was pioneering in the development of innovative skincare products that delivered groundbreaking results. For example, the Honey Drops Cream is a body cream that moisturises the skin and soothes and strengthens it. The effects of the products from the Eight 8 Hour Care range are also legendary. Every cosmetic product by Elizabeth Arden offer pleasantly scented and vitamin-rich care for all skin areas.

Did you know?

Elizabeth Arden, who was born in Canada but lived in New York, pursued her very own American Dream with all of her passion and energy. Having grown up in rather poor conditions, Elizabeth Arden was able to succeed in the beauty industry thanks to the high quality of her products and was also able to finally give up her former career as a nurse and office worker. Her first beauty salon was opened in 1910; today, the company’s headquarters can be found at the same address. In the meantime, however, the company has grown; it sells products in more than 50 countries and has a four-figure number of employees.

The success story of one committed woman

This enthusiasm and hunger for success can also been seen in the Elizabeth Arden product range. Elizabeth Arden Red Door is a great example of the brand’s excellent quality and high level of ingenuity. The Elizabeth Arden Red Door product range boasts a bright red colour and features, among other things, various gift sets, a perfume, and a delicate body powder. The wide selection of gift sets ensures you will find fitting and yet very individual gifts that pamper the body and coat it with a fine layer of elegant fragrances. Red Door is one of the brand’s great innovations that have taken beauty salons around the world by storm.

From novelty to bestseller

One perfume that has achieved great international prominence is Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers. The fragrance, which was received positively by critics and fragrance lovers, radiates a natural freshness, high spirits, and an almost weightless lightness. As a result, Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers quickly became an everyday all-rounder fragrance, which is suitable for every occasion and any time of year.