Elizabeth Arden

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Elizabeth Arden: cosmetics and perfumes with a long tradition

The Elizabeth Arden brand has been around for over 100 years. Elizabeth Arden is a businesswoman who shaped the cosmetics and perfume like no other. Some of the Elizabeth Arden products, such as Eight Hour Cream have achieved cult status.

Elizabeth Arden products: from 5th Avenue to the rest of the world

Some people are trailblazers. Elizabeth Arden is one of those people. She was a businesswoman who inspired self-confidence in generations of women. She was born into a poor family in a small town in Canada as Florence Nightingale Graham. In 1908, at the age of 20, she move to New York. Two years later she opened her first beauty salon on the famous 5th Avenue.

It had a red door. That’s why there are Elizabeth Arden cosmetics and perfume products by the name of Red Door. By 1930 Elizabeth Arden had RedDoor spas in almost all American cities.

The most popular Elizabeth Arden products are:

  • Elizabeth Arden skincare: products like the Eight Hour Cream have long enjoyed cult status. And with good reason. This product has been on the market since 1930 and is no less popular now than it was then. According to legend, she developed the cream for horses. When a young boy fell over at the stable and hurt his knee Elizabeth Arden put the cream on the wound. Eight hours later it was healed.
  • Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers: This eau de toilette by Elizabeth Arden was launched in 1993 and has enjoyed a loyal fan base ever since. As the name suggests, Sunflowers is a composition of fruits, fresh bergamot and tangy jasmine that brightens up dull days.
  • Elizabeth Arden Green Tea: This classic Elizabeth Arden ladies’ perfume is perfect for hot days. Its green tea aromas add both freshness and elegance to the fragrance composition. The product line has been expanded over the years and now also includes creams and deodorants.

Elizabeth Arden products are always stylish, simple and effective. That’s why women have trusted the brand for decades.

Elizabeth Arden cosmetics, from the revolutionary lipstick to Ceramide Capsules

Elizabeth Arden was always a trendsetter. During the Second World War she developed the legendary Red Door lipstick that was colour coordinated with US military uniforms. The lipstick can be found in the comprehensive range of Elizabeth Arden products at parfumdreams.

Another innovation that was no less revolutionary than the Red Door lipstick was the travel size beauty products that Elizabeth Arden launched in 1917. Elizabeth Arden was also the first company to train employees and build a nationwide sales force in the USA.

The Ceramide Capsules launched by Elizabeth Arden in 1990 were another revolutionary product. Until then, there had never been a product providing a single dose of face serum.

Where does the name Elizabeth Arden come from?

Businesswoman Florence Nightingale Graham was inspired by her love of literature to create the brand name Elizabeth Arden. Elizabeth was taken from a novel by Elizabeth von Arnim and Arden from a poem by Alfred Tennyson.

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