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Otto Kern created a fashion empire at the beginning of the 70s. Today, the name Otto Kern stands not… Learn more
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Otto Kern Fragrances

Otto Kern Perfume

Otto Kern created a fashion empire at the beginning of the 70s. Today, the name Otto Kern stands not only for fashion but also for high quality cosmetics and fine perfumes. Kern’s target audience has always been non-conformist, successful people with a flair for fashionable accents.

Otto Kern: Exclusive scents for him and her

Still today, since the Otto Kern brand is part of the Ahlers group, the perfumes stand for self-confidence and lifestyle. Otto Kern creates fine twin perfumes. The classic women’s perfume Signature Woman is sensual and feminine. The matching men’s fragrance Signature Man from Otto Kern radiates self-confidence and seductive energy. The newest Otto Kern - Perfume Luxure already expresses luxury in its name and transports pure joie de vivre, for self-confident people who love exclusivity.
Did you know?
Otto Kern is a German fashion designer. However, he did not start out as a fashion designer but as a student of law and economics. It was back then that Kern discovered his love of fashion at the same time as working for a men’s outfitters, and he finally founded his first collection of shirts and blouses in 1970, at the age of 20. The ladies’ collection was launched on the market in 1972, immediately selling more than 20,000 pieces, which enabled the company to expand continuously.

Fragrances now available too

The Otto Kern brand no longer just sells pieces of clothing but also fragrances, cosmetics, washable silk, and other lifestyle accessories with the distinctive brand logo. One of the most famous creations is Otto Kern Commitment, which is available as a twin fragrance for both men and women. Otto Kern is expressive, and has a timeless base and a fresh, even slightly spicy, opening. The perfume is perfect for wearing during the business day and is never overpowering. However, Otto Kern perfume is also available in other variations, such as Unique and Luxure.

A scent as unique as a signature

Otto Kern Signature is another twin fragrance that inspires with its individual composition of each of the ingredients and perfectly expresses the stylish elegance that every Otto Kern perfume embodies. Otto Kern Signature is also excellent for wearing during the business day but can also be worn classically everyday or on special occasions. The range has a minimalistic black and white design.