Deo Pure Body care by Biotherm

The Deo Pure range by Biotherm offers you various deodorants all made from natural essences that provide up to 48h protection against unpleasant odours and increased sweat build-up. The deodorants are available both as a traditional roll-on and in the form of a spray, and can be used several times a day if necessary. Deodorants seal underarm pores, resulting in less perspiration and preventing the appearance of unwanted marks.

A quick remedy for severe sweating

If you sweat frequently, this Biotherm cosmetic could be the solution. Most deodorants are unscented and can therefore be easily supplemented with a fragrance. Thanks to their practical, compact form, they can also be stored comfortably in your pocket or bag for when you need to re-fresh while on the go. The deodorants in the range are extremely reliable and, thanks to their neutral formula, most of them are also suitable for allergy sufferers. Even on sensitive skin, these deodorants for men and women display impressively high tolerability and gentle yet effective prevention against marks and odours.