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Issey Miyake perfume

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Issey Miyake perfumes exude pure freshness and elegance

Issey Miyake brought his first fragrance onto the market in 1992. With L'Eau d'Issey he achieved a masterpiece that continues to influence the world of perfume. It was a homage to water as the source of life and the origin of everything in nature. The fragrance was intended to reflect its purity, strength and movement. Since then there is a whole palette of Issey Miyake perfumes that enhance the personality of the wearer just like the clothing items of the designer.

Eau de Parfum by Issey Miyake: olfactory works of art for her and him

The fashion designer Issey Miyake was famous for manufacturing clothing from just one piece of fabric. Since forever, his label has stood for innovation, sustainability and exciting designs that look like sculptures. For most of his life he was constantly looking for new challenges. He combined Japanese tradition with modern visions in his creations. He created his inspiration from the meeting of people, art and architecture. His designs were unexpected, minimalist and harmonious. This is also evidenced in the incomparable Eau de Parfums by Issey Miyake.

The fragrances are characterised by the highest quality and pure elegance. Concealed in a timeless, sculptural bottle, they exude with every spritz an enticing aroma that stays in the memory. If you would like to buy a perfume by Issey Miyake, a wide selection awaits you at parfumdreams:

  • Women’s fragrances by Issey Miyake: Fine, feminine compositions are cheerful and radiant with a bouquet of lilac, damask rose, orange blossom and almond milk. The Eau de Parfum by Issey Miyake is completed by a musk note that meets cedarwood and vanilla. A floral, fresh fragrance with a note of rain, damask rose and lilac envelops you like the gentle air of spring. The base notes of sandalwood and cedarwood plus musk give it purity and depth.
  • Men’s fragrances by Issey Miyake: Spicy, woody and exotic, this perfume with Indian sandalwood and nutmeg enhances the strength and masculinity of the wearer. A fragrance full of contrasts that seems lively and woody interprets the meeting of flowing water and rough, intense wood. The composition combines majestic cedarwood, spicy cardamom, delicate vetiver and dark patchouli. A bold, unmistakable fougère men’s fragrance full of energy that contains sunny and mineral notes. Sandalwood, patchouli and ambroxan rub shoulders with nuances of zesty lemon and sweet coconut water, giving the Issey Miyake perfume a woody, warm aroma.

A classic showstopper for many years, it was the first creation of the fashion designer: L’Eau d’Issey. It serves as the template for numerous reinterpretations, which enrich the fragrance of the water with various floral notes. The perfume for women is bewitching with an incomparable arrangement of freesia and lotus, giving the composition a light freshness – almost like warm summer rain. Peony and white lily breathe a feminine, floral character into the Eau de Parfum by Issey Miyake. An elegant, woody base note completes the fragrance experience.

Shop Issey Miyake perfume: Fragrances and cosmetics with timeless charm

It's not just the perfumes by Issey Miyake that seduce the senses with extraordinary, fresh and pure fragrance compositions. In addition, at parfumdreams you get matching cosmetics for cleansing and caring for the face and body.

Most products are enriched with the active ingredient Aquaphyline®, which penetrates down to the deepest layers of skin and thus controls moisture retention. They hydrate the skin, making it soft and smooth. The deodorants of the label are also suitable for sensitive skin as they do not contain any alcohol. They offer 24-hour protection from odour and underarm sweating. Aftershave lotions invigorate and cool a man's stressed skin after shaving.

Tip: Gift sets by Issey Miyake contain, along with an Eau de Parfum by Issey Miyake, a gentle cleansing shower product or a moisturising body lotion. The products are perfectly coordinated and give your skin the delicate fragrance of your favourite perfume all day long.