Bruno Banani - Absolute Man - Shower Gel Bruno Banani - Absolute Man - Shower Gel
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Description by Absolute Man Shower Gel by Bruno Banani

With Absolute Man by Bruno Banani, your day will get even better

Absolute Man is more than just a perfume with extraordinary components. It is an entire care line, which not only contains a shower gel, but also a body lotion, and ensures that you can start your day with a good mood. Just like in the perfume, the shower gel contains chords of energy drinks, which make your skin tingle and bring it to life. Moreover, there are fruity and spicy aromas, which accompany you throughout the day. The Bruno Banani shower gel by Absolute Man is bold, unusual and perfectly made for the requirements of a man’s skin. Suitable for normal skin, the foam gently cleanses your skin and leaves nothing behind except a “freshly showered” feeling, and a great fragrance, which helps you to kickstart your day. Enjoy the full line, and look at life from a tilted angle, just like Bruno Banani’s line.

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