Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

Sensuous, exotic and very feminine. That’s Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. The spectacular… Learn more
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Black Opium Women's fragrances by Yves Saint Laurent

Sensuous, exotic and very feminine. That’s Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. The spectacular new production of a perfume classic. Oriental fragrance nuances and fruity & fresh accents confidently mixed and completely reinterpreted. Show perfume samples: The new fragrance is fresh, young and exciting. Rocky and elegant, capricious and temperamental, wild and laid-back, self-confident, passionate and unbelievably feminine. Typical Yves Saint Laurent.You’re always on the lookout for new experiences? Black Opium is a fragrance full of inspiration and creativity.

Rock'n Roll for the senses

Yves Saint Laurent had already caused a furore back in 1977 with his women’s perfume Opium. The international label’s perfumers have now reinvented the major fragrance classic. Known fragrance topics are surprisingly and expertly combined with completely new nuances here. A women’s perfume full of energy and esprit. A fragrance full of joie de vivre. As with his fashion, Yves Saint Laurent develops his vision of the modern women with this women’s perfume too. Temperamental and daring. Courageous and self-confident. Perfume samples are now available in all retail shops.The texture of Black Opium has been confidently composed with a light touch. Adventure, passion and modern lifestyle. Perfume samples will convince you as well. The classic Oriental base note of Black Opium is warm and sensuous. The sweetish earthy fragrance of patchouli merges with a finely bitter accent of cedar and delicate vanilla. The heart note sets surprising contrasts. The aromatic, spicy fragrance of coffee beans is playfully entangled in the full and mellow aura of white jasmine. The top note of the women’s perfume sets exotic, tingly accents. A fragrance ensemble composed of wild orange blossoms and sun-ripened pears is reverberated in a dab of pink pepper set as a bold counterpoint. A texture that vibrates and exudes pure adrenaline.The fragrance, but also the flacon of the women’s perfume, bears the unmistakable signature of the French fashion designer. A tingling black. Secretive and unfathomable. Even small perfume samples arouse the desire for more. Noble, elegant and full of feminine power. Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. Let's rock!