J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin Parfum

The modern familiarity of the J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin brand is based on the merger of the chemists of the same name with the “Treu & Nuglisch” perfume manufacturer. The fragrances produced after their merger were universally celebrated with customers throughout the whole of Europe and winning the appreciation of even Chinese Emperor Pu Yi. Subsequent to its heyday in the Golden 20s and the temporary closing of the business in the 1970s, the time-honoured brand celebrated a resurrection in 2012 and now presents itself more modern than ever.

The new perfumes from the brand

are a modern interpretation of the old home-town of Berlin. They are just as self-confident and dazzling as the inhabitants of the city, and hold true to their traditions in the choice of fine ingredients and the stylishly designed bottles. As a reminiscence to itself, J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin delivers every fragrance in a glass bottle with a handmade brass cap and a stamped on company logo. The contents are composed of high-quality perfume oils and behind the imaginative names are enchanting compositions full of esprit and zeitgeist. Just as in the first products from the company, the aromas of various fruits and flowers as well as exotic resins and woods are used, all newly interpreted by the fragrance designers of the renowned house. The perfumes will appeal to both women and men.